Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Why Is Al Gore Still Alive?

And why does anyone bother asking him questions? Expecting intelligent answers from Al Gore is like expecting your dog to reveal the secrets of nuclear fusion. Then again, your dog probably understands more about Nature than Al Gore does...

But, I guess because he got an Oscar, is front-and-center in the scam that is Global Warming, and is the stout (very stout -- is it me or is Al getting fatter?) defender of Polar Bears, people feel compelled to ask him things he either couldn't possibly know the answer to (being an idiot), or will lie through his teeth about (because it's a life-long habit he's made a good living at).

Al Gore stonewalling on questions about Climategate.

Al's claim to have read the memos is belied by the repeated contention that these things are 10 years old. If he had read them, he'd know that isn't true. Or, being Al Gore and having no economic interest in the truth, I wonder if that really matters? That's the new mantra, I guess. Expect to hear this at least once a day...until they become 11 years old. Actually, many of them aren't 10 years old (having 2009 date stamps), and Al was caught lying once more.

But then again, this is the guy who invented the Internet and tried to sue his way into the White House,so what do you expect?

Al Gore, in a perfect world, would be in a prison cell right now instead of living the high-life in mansions, private jets and ostensibly-solar-powered houseboats, because he's a con man. His greatest crime has been to take advantage of million of people even dumber than he, and get rich while doing it...all the while damning the greedy capitalists who got rich on actual, legal commerce -- and who spend a significant portion of their profits actually complying with environmental law, instead of trading made-up, worthless 'carbon credits' and being an insufferable asshole about it -- but he can freely and hypocritically harangue them as evil polluters who are destroying the planet.

I Pity Tipper.

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