Monday, December 07, 2009

They Should Throw the Pigs at The Muslims, Instead...

Check out what the U.S. Military is doing in the world of medicine.

This sort of thing would never be funded in a government-controled "Healthcare" system.

Yeah,. yeah, yeah, I know the Pentagon is part of the government -- so spare me the "you're making no sense" e-mails.

My point is that , under a potential Obamacare regime, if medical research/technology is deemed beneficial to the State, it would be funded (because saving the lives of soldiers who may return to battle, or providing a President who doesn't care about the troops the opportunity to loudly exclaim "I care about the Troops!", even when he truly doesn't, or sending out fewer chain-letters of condolences, is seen as beneficial to the powers that be. It's good P.R.).

If the technology were made more widely available -- say, a cheaper, just-as-effective version were to be made for use by paramedics and other first-responders -- well, that might just throw the healtchcare budget out of whack, as many more accident, domestic violence, stabbing, slashing, beating, burn, and gunshot victims might actually survive. Those survivors would then eat up government-rationed resources.

And that would leave less money for late-term abortions, free dental for illegal immigrants, and killing senior citizens.


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