Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bloomberg Hands Out $2 Million in Campaign Hacks...

Mayor Michael Bloomberg hands out $2.1 million in bonuses for winning an illegal third term.

This is why rich people should be excluded from running for public office. The man spent $108 million to beat a third-rate democratic party hack who had all the charm of an ingrown toenail, and all the smarts of a garden only 4.4 points. Then he hands out bonuses on top of it? Apparently, the way to get rich working for Michael Bloomberg is to be just barely-adequate.

You'd think if you had $110 million bucks laying around, you'd have something better to do with it then run for Mayor of New York City.... just so you could tell people what to eat. The sooner this shithead is out of office, the better off we'll all be. Michael Bloomberg is a monomaniacal control freak -- which probably served him well as a businessman -- but as a politician it places him just slightly to the right Chairman Mao. All that's missing is the Little Red Book of Bloomberg which tells you what to eat, how to eat it, how much salt you can put on it, what you can throw in your trash, what you can't throw in your trash, how you should throw out your trash, where you can or can't walk and on what days,where you can and can't drive and on what days, and explains his entire rationale for taxing tobacco products until crack becomes a less-expensive alternative while the City give frees instruction on how to properly inject heroin...with free needles in the bargain. Somehow, both are supposed to be for the betterment of public health in a way which is only ever partially explained, and even then, it's always sabout money, and nothing but money.

Yes, pass a law I say: you can't have a million bucks in the bank and run for public office. The number of millionaire "public servants" in this (New York) state simply boggles the mind, and considering we're supposed to be governed by people with enough financial acumen to accrue such personal fortunes (supposedly legally), you wonder why it is this city and state are almost always perpetually broke -- even in the years when Wall Street was making record profits. It's typical liberal (that's small-l liberal) economics: they know how to balance their own checkbooks with the greatest of care and strict adherence to the rules of rational mathematics, but the public purse exists to be abused like a $20 whore.

I'm going to heat up some tar, and fetch me some feathers...

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