Thursday, January 14, 2010

Obama Asks G.W.B To Help With Haiti Relief...

Considering what democrats, including Obama, have said about Bush's handling of the two great disasters of his Presidency, 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, it seems to me to be highly hypocritical for a democrat to ask GWB for anything disaster-related.

But Obama is so desperate to help a sinkhole like Haiti (it'll be good for his "legacy" in that Peace Prize-heal-the-Universe-vein, and besides, if we don't keep the Haitians there, they'll be a mass Inner Tube exodus to Miami) that he'll even turn to someone his 'side' has told us for a decade is the Most Colossal Boob in the Solar System for help.

If it were me, I'd tell Obambi to go fly a kite. Fortunately for the people of Haiti, GWB and his father are better people than that. Fortunately for Obama, they have enough class not to tell him to go fuck himself. They'll help him look more "Presidential" -- but not for the credit, they'll do it because it is the right thing to do.

Pray to whatever you hold holy that when the next disaster strikes (a mushroom cloud over an American city because the Obama Administration won't frisk Muslims in airports), that men like GWB and GHWB are here to actually DO something, rather than just SAY something and then implore others to do the heavy lifting.

In the meantime, if you can manage it in these tough economic times, give whatever you can to he people of Haiti in their time of need. Yeah, I know, they'll never repay the kindness, and the Obama Taxmen won't let you deduct the donation from your taxes because there's an illegal alien who crossed the border because Mexico doesn't provide free treatment for her like chronic dry eye and restless leg syndrome, who needs free medicine courtesy of the US Taxpayer... but do it anyway. It's the right thing to do, and good Americans always try to do the right thing.

There's a baptist church (yeah, in Staten Island, go figure!) around the corner from my home which is holding a clothing drive for Haitian relief. I'm donating whatever old clothes that I can, plus some new stuff, half-a-dozen servicable blankets and an old 4-man tent that I don't use anymore, but which could be put to better use there. Apparently, this church either has, or is associated with, some missionaries already on the island, so I know the relief will go straight to the people who need it, instead of being stolen by corrupt government officials on it's way there.

And don't give the UN a dime.

Update: President Obama has ordered 12,000 American health care workers to be placed "on alert" for movement ot Haiti. It seems that when it's convenient for Our Savior, our excellent healthcare stinks on ice, is unresponsive and kills people in it's spare time, just for fun, but when it comes to providing emergency medical relief in a disaster area they're apparently just the people to call upon. Try explaining that bit of political about-face, Mr. President. Maybe you could do that on C-Span, too? Jackass.

Also, I made my clothing delivery early this afternoon, and I'm told by the church workers I was speaking to that small-scale efforts like theirs will take more time to get relief supplies to Haiti, and that they have been working with Catholic Charities -- which has a great many people in Haiti already -- to collect and distribute relief supplies. You could make a donation there, if you wish to help out.

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