Thursday, January 14, 2010

Draining The Swamp...

Just a quick list of democratic "lawmakers" and officials who have wound up on the wrong side of an ethics investigation, or who have some dubious qualifications for office, who best represent the graft that Nancy Pelosi said she would clean up. In no particular order, I give you the Most Ethical and Transparent Government EVAH:

Secretary of the Treasury, Tim Geithner - Tax cheat who didn't even pay his taxes when his employer gave him the money and instructions to do so! Crony capitalist who orchestrated the TARP fiasco, who is now accused of helping AIG hide losses from government regulators. Geithner is at the heart of all things Wall Street bailout-related because of his former job as chief of the NY Fed, but it also seems that Geithner has been in bed with many of the major players at AIG, Citi, JP Morgan, and Goldman Sachs, amongst others. He won't come clean, and he won't resign, and the taxpayer is on the hook for $750 billion that went to his cronies. By the way; Geithner was allowed to pay his unpaid taxes without fines or penalty. Why don't you try to get that sort of deal from the IRS?

Secretary of Labor, Hilda Solis - another tax cheat. Solis "forgot" to pay taxes...four times. Even when the IRS "reminded" her to pay them. Four times. Solis was also "permitted" to pay the back taxes she owed (four times) without a fine or penalty, and nary a word said in public. Once again, I invite you to try the IRS on that sort of thing and see if they don't fine you within an inch of your life.

Attorney General, Eric Holder - the man who accused America of cowardice for it's inability to deal with the subject of race (hey, the Klan knew how to deal with the subject of race. Would you prefer we went back to those days, Mr. AG? I think we're doing rather better than that, no thanks to people like you), wants to give terrorists the same rights as any other criminal defendant in our civilian courts. Recently, questions have been raised about his motivations, as it appears the AG may have a conflict of interest in this sort of thing; a law firm he worked for before becoming the AG has defended several terrorists in U.S. civilian and military trials already, garnering a lot of government cash in the process,probably. Mr. Holder himself is yet to be accused of anything, hell, when he appears in front of Congress he apears to not know anything -- at all -- but he may want to rethink that whole "try the Undibombers in the Public Square" thing.

Rep. Barney Frank (Homo - Massachusetts) - Co-Orchestrator of the looming Fannie/Freddie collapse, proponent of the massive 'Stimulus' boondoggle that will cost more than expected and do less than advertised. Barney Fwank was diddling one of Fannie or Freddie's (I forget which) chief executives, who was possibly using his romantic influence with the Representative to keep regulators and reformers away from his agency. Barney stood in the path of reform no fewer than seven times. He never reported his conflict of interest, i.e. fucking one of the executives of an agency he was supposed to be regulating. Barney is also a classic example of why some people in this country continue to call for the stoning of gays in the public square; he is one of the most insufferable human beings alive (Michelle Obama is a distant second). There has been no ethic investigation of Barney's behavior whatsoever.

Sen. Chris Dodd (Dipshit - Connecticut) - Another of the Wall Street defenders, Dodd also had as many fingers (figuratively-speaking) in Fannie (not someones actual Fannie, we mean Fannie Mae, the mortgage thingy. Dodd, so far as we know, isn't quite as gay as Barney Frank). He's up to his neck in mortgage scandal money, having received two "sweetheart" mortgage deals from Angelo Mozillo, former CEO fo Nationwide, which is now defunct. Dodd's fingerprints are all over the AIG mess, and he slipped a provision into a bill int he middle of the night to allow AIG to pay huge bonuses to dipshit executives with Taxpayer money. Dodd's only saving grace was that he's finally resigned, given the reality inevitable loss in the mid-terms. The ethics investigation done on Dodd was a model of speed, efficiency and whitewash, which went by so fast and touched him so lightly that it just might as well have never happened. He can now retire to that Irish "cottage" of his, and hopefully, he will never contaminate these shores again. Oh, and Senator? We're still waiting for the documents!

Sen. Mary Landrieu (Thief - Louisiana) - The recipient of the Famous "Louisiana Purchase", and we don't mean the land deal that Jefferson swung on the French and which led to the exploits of Lewis and Clark. No, we're talking the $300 million dollars Harry Reid promised Mary for her "yea" vote on Healthcare. The stink of this one is that it wasn't even hidden; it happened in broad daylight, on the senate floor, and was being reported on by the cable networks before the proposition was even complete. To date, Landrieu hasn't even expressed a shred of remorse or shame over her actions, and says even less than the statue of Lincoln at the memorial.

Sen. Ben Nelson (Dickhead - Nebraska) - Recipient of another infamous bribe, the "Cornhusker Kickback", in which his state of Nebraska would essentially get Medicare for all eternity at the expense of the other 49 states. Fortunately for us, the people of Nebraska have some sense of propriety and fair-play, and howled so loudly that Nelson began to backtrack even before the ink was dry on that Harry Reid promise (bribe). Now Nelson is in danger of being voted out of office, and plenty panicked about his future. I would suggest he start acquiring a taste for orange jumpsuits, since accepting a bribe for a vote is supposed to be a crime in this country. Unfortunately, he'll wriggle free of this one.

Rep. Charlie Rangel (Hemmorhoid - New York) - the Man who runs the Ways and Means Committee in the House, which writes the very tax laws you struggle with every year, apparently doesn't know, or even bother to follow them, himself. He even said as much, claiming the tax code (which he helped construct) is so complex that even he doesn't know what's in it. When Charlie isn't hiding scads of income like $75,000 in rent from his overseas hideaway, four rent-controlled apartments, illegal deductions for using those apartments for campaign purposes, and accepting all sorts of illegal donations in return for his help in getting some asshole's name on a university building or something, he's busy spending your money faster than the government can collect it, and then even faster than it can borrow it from China. Oh, btw, Charlie was allowed to pay his back taxes without interest or penalty attached. It seems the IRS is in a forgiving mood these days,perhaps I shall give them a miss this year?

Rep. John Murtha (Windbag - Pennsylvania) - Murtha has been up to his ass in scandal since ABSCAM in the mid-70's. He's been up to his neck in shady defense-contractor dealings practically forever, and he's been the recipient of more campaign contributions from defense contractors than any other member of Congress. Yet, this is the man who has denigrated US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq since the beginning of those wars, even going as far as to compare them to the Nazis. He should be shot just for treason just on that basis alone, but instead, the idiots in Pennsylvania (the so-called Bitter Clingers) sent this liberal piece of shit thief back Congress. There has still been no investigation of Murtha's alleged crimes, but Pelosi bent over backwards and practically blew every member of the Ethics Committee in order to nail Randall "Duke" Cunningham on his shady shenanigans with defense contractors. The pot calls the kettle black, methinks.

I know I'm forgetting more of the democratic rogues gallery, like Dorgan, Ackerman, Jefferson, the SEIU, ACORN amongst others. But you get the point.

The rallying cry of the last mid-term election cycle for democrats was the "culture of corruption" that surrounded republicans, with their associations with Jack Abramoff, the Cunningham scnadal, and the "indiscretions" of Senator Craig and Congressmen Foley (both of which involved allegations of inappropriate gay sex, which apparently no one can be bothered to act shocked at when Barney Frank is involved), whom they also used to tar "family-oriented" republicans with the label "hypocrite". Nancy Pelosi, upon her coronation which had all the splendor of Elvis Vegas show but none of the charm, claimed she would "drain the swamp" of Washington, and then Barack Obama came along and cried "transparency on C-Span" (a trick which Bill Clinton once used, too). Somewhere between "Drain the Swamp" and "Hope n' stuff", they've lost their way.

That's if they ever meant any of it in the first place.

Update: I must not have had enough coffee at the time, but I almost forgot: the democratic Secretary of State of Taxachsetts is threatening to delay the certification of Scott Brown, a republican running in a special election for the Senate Seat formerly occupied by the enormous-drunken-alleged-rapist-alleged-manslaughtering-cancer-couldn't-have-happened-to-a-nicer-guy Ted Kennedy, should he win, just so that the dems could keep their 60-vote majority to pass "Healthcare Reform Legislation". This, incidentally, was announced PUBLICLY. They don't even bother to hide conspiracy anymore.

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