Friday, January 15, 2010

RE: Douchebag of the Week Nominees...

This is just a reminder that Nominees for our Douchebag of the Week Award are due by tomorrow. Send your candidate's name to

The winner will receive at least four paragraphs of hopefully-funny approbation and ridicule, written by Your's Truly, and dare we dream?, internet immortality. I was thinking of getting a trophy made, but no one makes a trophy with a douche bottle on top of it. I scoured the Internet looking for one. Too bad; it would have looked nice on the mantle next to the Nobel Prize, Daytime Emmy, Oscar, Lombardi Trophy, or whatever.

Such is life.

Our current list of nominees, is as follows:

1. Harry Reid -4 votes
2. Barack Obama - 4 votes
3. Pat Robertson - 2 votes
4. Keith Olbermann - 1 vote
5. Steve Schmidt - 1 vote
6, Lane Kiffin - 1 vote
7. Janet Napolitano - 1 vote
8 Nancy Pelosi - 1 vote

Remember: the qualifications are that the nominee has to have done or said something so mind-numbingly stupid as to question their faculties, lineage, sanity and/or motives. Please include a link to your nominee's incredible stupidity so thatit may be judged in context with everyone else's.

The Winner will be announced on Monday, January, 18.

The First Winner is Oliver Stone for his attempt to rehabilitate Adolf Hitler's rep, and rewrite or whitewash the entire history of the 20th Century...with a 10-hr movie. He's lonely on the list all by himself. Give him some company, will ya?

Let your voices be heard!

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