Thursday, January 14, 2010

Obama, The Musical...

Well, we've already had the collectable plates, lunchbox, placemats, drinking glasses, mousepads, even Obama: the Condom. He's dominated the covers of every magazine of importance (supposedly) from Time, to Men's Health, to Cosmopolitan, and so forth, so why not? I'm surprised he hasn't had a disease named for him yet (somthing that shrinks the brain and causes intense sphincter-squeeze ought to be appropriate).

Someone is bringing Barry to the Great White Way. (Heh, I just figured out that could be construed as a racial thing. Now ask me if I give a shit when I get a torrent of race-based hate mail?)

Why is it only the Germans seem to have this extremely acute sense both of poor taste, and over-enthusiasm-approaching-worship for destructive socialist figures? Someone should study that....maybe it's genetic?


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