Thursday, January 21, 2010

Brown is NOT God...

Some folks need to calm down about Scott Brown. He isn't a suburban Beowulf, his pickup truck his noble chariot...We've had enough worshiping of politicians these days, and look where's it's gotten us? Let's wait and see what Brown actually does before we bestow Obama's tarnished halo upon him,okay?

And let's not count the Kennedy machine as being down for the count yet, either.

Enthusiasm is great, but don't forget that misguided, school-girl-giddy enthusiasm has also brought us Disco, The Pet Rock, The Clintons, ABBA, The DotCom and Real Estate Bubbles, and Barack Obama, too.

Let's see what Brown actually does before we canonize him, okay?

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Sabra said...

No kidding, Matthew. I've heard President associated with his name. The man JUST got elected for goodness sake. Although, hey, the jugearedjackass didn't have any more experience than Scott Brown if Senator Brown were to run in 2012. Too soon? We shall see.