Monday, January 18, 2010

The System Worked, Part III...

Another of those "model employees" the TSA must be recruiting in large numbers. It's bad enough that the TSA can't detect explosives in someone's underwear, or put their cell phones away while on duty, now they're leaving loaded weapons all over the place.

If you're a terrorist or criminal of any kind, not only will TSA not stop you if you happen to be an obvious member of a certain race or religion, but some thoughtful government-employee- security soul (three words which are mutually-exclusive) will leave weapons conveniently laying around for your use.

Someone ought to be fired... and then shot with her own gun. I vote that we start with Janet.


Sabra said...

It just amazes me that that crowd of employees can't find its own thumbs attached to their own hands.

Someone ought to be fired, alright. And Janet is a start. The whole bunch of 'em outta be thrown out on their asses and let us start over. Let us privatize airports and security. Bet with some "skin in the game" we'd see some changes!!!

Matthew said...

I like the El Al model, myself.