Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This Is Why Newsweek is Going Out of Business..

Because it employs dickheads like Fareed Zakaria, and pays him a buttload of money to write absolute shyte, like this:

Don't Panic - How our frenzied response to terrorism only feeds it.

Zakaria's argument runs something like this:

1) Muslim fanatics like to yank our chains; it's why they hide bombs in their underwear, behead folks on the internet, and take intercontinental flights in an attempt to commit murder-suicide over an American city. It's all a big joke to them; they get off on making people believe they're crazy. It gives them a hard-on.

2) Every time we react to one of these attempts in the typical fashion, i.e. we expect the government to do...something...usually some measure so totally asinine, intrusive and expensive -- and which avoids inconveniencing Muslims, the most-likely source of terrorism -- we look foolish. The Muzzies then get bigger boners and giggle ever-more girlishly.

3) As we advance to the extremely foolish stage, like when we search 90-year olds in wheelchairs, take bathroom privileges away from paying customers, make breast-feeding mothers drink their own milk, or put nose-picking, knuckle-dragging union slobs in charge of full-body scanners and chemical sniffers, Al Qaeda sits around in their their guano-filled caves laughing until they wet themselves. Then they stroke each other's massive erections. It's all great fun for them, you see.

Their only aim, according to Zakaria, is to throw the "American system into turmoil". This is their sole aim, he says.

Nah, these guys aren't out to kill us...no,no,no. They don't wish to destroy our civilization and the system of freedoms which we enjoy. Oh, hell no! They're just practical jokers... like a bunch of drunken frat boys, except that they sometimes go a little too far (you know, like when the blew up the USS Cole, or knocked down the World Trade Center). The solution, according to this fucking moron is to relax...don't sweat the psycho bombers so much. Pay no heed to that guy screaming his head off about jihad, enslaving the West, and beheading innocent contractors who came to his country simply to bring him indoor plumbing...they're just fucking with us. It's all a joke!

Sorry, but I can't put Osama Bin Laden on the same level as "Bluto" Blutarski. For one thing, Bluto had better table manners.

I will agree with Mr. Zakaria to this extent: he's absolutely correct in his assessment that the current system of responding to Islamofascist terrorism is not working, and is perhaps, counterproductive.

Which is why we should be killing these goat-fucking cocksuckers by the millions! Unleash the U.S. Military! Drop a few Big Ones, and let these practical jokers know it ain't fucking funny anymore! That'll wipe the smiles off their faces, for sure.

Then we can send Fareed Zakaria back to whatever sandy shithole it was that he crawled out of.

Problem solved.

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