Monday, January 18, 2010

I Could Kiss a Liberal Today...

It's just one of those days. They come so rarely. I'm actually happy this morning, because I've had a wonderful weekend.

The Jets beat the San Diego Chargers. Great game, and a stunning upset. You'll note that unlike in some American cities, when our football team wins a playoff game (the first one in many years) we don't riot and destroy other people's property.

I had a lovely day with my 4-year-old nephew yesterday. Legos, Wii, Spongebob and ice cream. Does it ever get any better? Dare we dream?

Got some more irons in the fire job-wise, some of them looking very good, indeed, over the long term. Despite this bad economy, I'm still determined to get "Fuck-You rich" and then rub it in the face of every ex-boss, and ex-girlfriend I've ever had. Fuck-you rich is defined as "even if you taxed 90% of my income, I would still have enough money left over to buy-and-sell you a hundred times over, Sucker!".

And if that wasn't enough, I got hockey on television this afternoon. My Devils are on at 1:00. Nothing better than to celebrate MLK Day with the Whitest Sport on Earth!

I can only hope that liberal I finally kiss has D-cups and no gag reflex, but maybe that's too much to ask?

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