Tuesday, January 19, 2010

You Call it Racism...

I call it the logical culmination of a series of stupid, short-sighted, misguided policies.

There's a rising nationalist party in Britain, which is being driven to electoral significance, and victories, by...discrimination against white people.

Unchecked Muslim immigration, and a political class that is more concerned with staying in power, rather than with staying British, has brought this state of affairs about, and naturally, that mostly-lefty political class is the loudest, shrillest voice of alarm about what it sees as a populist wave that will sweep them all into the Channel.

The same thing is happening in the United States with the Tea Parties, although the impetus here is not so much White Rage, as it is a reaction to the utter cluelessness of our political class. It'll take Americans a little longer to realize what unchecked immigration will do to our country because, at the moment, we're consumed with trying to find and keep jobs, and making efforts to keep the government out of our colonoscopy.

To all of you lefties out there; you have been warned. Don't be surprised when it happens, and for damn sure you'd better not start with that Bitter-Clinger nonsense again. When the same thing happens in the United States, you'll be held accountable -- just have the class to accept your punishment quietly.

I hear Cuba is lovely this time of year. Perhaps you'll find it more to your liking.

From the Comments:

" This article starts off by intimating that Labour (British equivalent of the democratic party)has neglected the WWC (white working class), but then - in true Torygraph style - finishes by basically saying the WWC are in their current plight because they're a bunch of chavs.

Firstly, to state that ethnic minorities do better than the WWC because they have more stable homes and value education, is rubbish. Some ethnic communities may do this - namely, Indians and Chinese - but many other ethnic groups (including that of our resident Brown Supremacist, Khawaja Ikram Ul Haq) are way over-represented in welfare usage and crime.

Secondly, not all the WWC are struggling because they are chavs. Certainly some are - the result of a welfare system that encourages the unintelligent and feckless to breed, regardless of their capability to fend for themsleves. (The balance between the provision of a welfare safety net to help those who fall on hard times, and a system that creates an underclass that will eventually outbreed the more productive members of society, is one of the great conundrums of our times).

However, many WWC are suffering not because they are feckless or thick, but because for several decades now, Labour AND the Tories (British republican-equivalent) have not only ignored them, they have waged war on them.

Its' not just that both parties were happy to see the WWCs jobs in manufacturing shipped overseas. Its' that both parties sought to actively replace the WWC - in their own ancestral homeland - with a new class of people drawn from the far reaches of the globe.

Labour wanted revenge on the WWC because they hadn't proven revolutionary enough in the Sixties, and decided to import themselves a (so they thought) more subservient electorate. The Tories wanted mass immigration (and before anyone says they didn't, name me one time they made a serious attempt to stop it) for the cheap nannies and builder's labourers.

Of course, along with the flood of immigrants came a raft of "positive discrimination" measures, putting the WWC man at the back of the queue for what low-skilled jobs there were left. Meanwhile, his children were marginalised and demoralised by an education system overloaded with non-English-speaking immigrants, and staffed by leftist NUT-jobs who favoured the newcomers and taught that white males (and only white males) were oppressive and evil. And if the WWC complained, anti-free speech laws came into play to stifle dissent, and smug middle-class lefties – and not a few Telegraph writers and commentors – labelled them ignorant chavs and racists.

All in all, the WWC male has found himself at the centre of a perfect storm. But the thing is, that storm is now coming for the middle class. The reason the WWC have complained loudest about mass immigration - and turned to the BNP when no one was listening - is not because they are any more ignorant or racist than anyone else. It is because they have been the FIRST to be hit by the wave of mass immigration engulfing the UK.

And make no mistake, the UK is being engulfed - on current demographic trends, whites will be a minority in the UK within about 50 years. Soon, there will be no affluent "hideously white" suburbs in which to hide. And when the middle classes find it is THEIR kids who are suffering in an immigrant-majority school, when multi-culturalism no longer means having that nice Sikh accountant next door, but being the last non-Muslim family in the street (and they can't move away, because THEIR job is now gone - to a cheap graduate imported from India) - THEN we will see how "tolerant" the middle class are.

My bet is they'll be voting BNP (British National Party).

Whoever wrote that ought to be thanked. Hell, I wish he/she was over here, and running for office.

(H/T FiveFeetofFury)

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