Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Douchebag of the Week (2/01/10): Barack Obama...

This week, the award is given to his August Majesty, the Bringer of Hopenchange and Light of the World, the current Resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, for his steadfast conviction that despite evidence to the contrary, he is most certainly not an ideologue.

How rich it was to watch The Anointed One lecture republicans about the importance of bi-partisan solutions to the Country's problems, decrying the politics of personal destruction and insisting that he'd come in friendship to ask for simple co-operation in the matter of helping him to destroy what's left of the United States of America.

This, from the man who insists that he's entitled to see whatever hare-brained scheme his fevered imagination (more likely Rahm Emmanuel's fevered imagination) tosses out because, quite simply, "I won..."

Barack Obama, as I have said on this page many times before, simply doesn't understand the terrain he's hiking on. He believes that opposition to his personal vision cannot truly be principled, and must simply be driven by partisan politics, ill-will and ignorance. He believes that his wrong-headed agenda runs into a brick wall of misconception, and that if he continues to simply explain himself and his policies further -- something that despite all of the words he spews, he never manages to actually do -- even the most stubborn critic will crumble before his flawless logic and obvious good intentions.

Why shouldn't he think that way? That's how he arrived at his current station, isn't it? He talked a broad movement of the desperate into existence, he sold the American voter a vision of America that was all rhetoric and no substance, and he continues to think that he can continue to do so indefinitely. The problem with Barack Obama, according to Barack Obama, is that the rest of us are just too dense to understand Barack Obama and so we must have things continually explained, and re-explained, and re-re-explained and re-packaged until we're either worn out from all the talking, or we finally see his Brilliant Vision.

Barack Obama believes that the opposition to his policies is one of mere perception, and not efficacy. That he's entirely right, and the rest of us are dimwitted donkeys who just haven't been able to understand his subtleties.

"I won..." is not so subtle. "It's someone else's fault..." is not so subtle. The "They say..." or "Some say..." strawman arguments have all the subtlety of a chainsaw. President Obama believes that popular insurgent candidates in three key battleground states are not a repudiation of his and his party's reckless policies.

I wonder if Obama's teleprompter has a "Braille" setting; he clearly needs it.

He can 'pivot' all he likes; he can claim to assume the mantle of fiscal restraint...but always 'later' or at least beginning next year...and then trot out a $3 Trillion budget. He can call for help in solving the 'Health care crisis', but he conditions the request with a caveat; the help is only useful or wanted if it means he gets what he wants. He believes he can scold the Supreme Court in public for striking down campaign finance laws that are clearly unconstitutional, while obviously never having read the actual decision itself, and worse, after having benefited from the very provision they declared null-and-void. I wonder, how many Obama campaign contributions have the name Mickey Mouse and an address in Indonesia attached to them?

For being the biggest bullshit salesman in American, the biggest whining crybaby, the greatest dodger of responsibility in American history, President Obama is graced with this week's Douchebag of the Week.


Sabra said...

Wow. Saw the headline and thought I "won" again. I got one over here in the Middle East. Douchbag of the week award. Go visit delirious in the desert for a good laugh. Two posts dedicated to lil' ole me. Guess I should be flattered.

Matthew said...

Dammit! I knew I should have copyrighted the sucker!

Sabra said...

The jugearedjackass has to be on par with nancy pelosi this week now that we all know how much she has spent ferrying her family back and forth on OUR planes! Perhaps nancy will do something even more outrageous in the next few days to be given your prestigious award next week.

The "left" and some of the progressives on the "right" have got to realize that one of these days - and soon - there is going to be a revolt. I feel it coming.