Saturday, February 06, 2010

It's Crowded Under the Obama Bus...

Word is that Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the United States, is in deep doo-doo.

As if refusing to treat terrorists like prisoners of war, or harboring Justice Department lawyers who once defended terrorists, or even accusing his own country of racism weren't enough, we are now learning that Mr. Holder runs his little judicial fief as if the people of this country, and his boss the President, don't exist. At least, that's the narrative the Obama Administration is starting to put out.

How else to explain his reasons as to why the Underwear Bomber was Mirandized within an hour? Why CIA Agents and Navy SEALS are legally harassed for doing their duty to their country? Why Black Panthers who stand armed vigil outside polling places for the purposes of intimidation aren't prosecuted, and why Congress has to repeatedly ask Holder the same questions that he apparently refuses to answer?

The rumblings are starting; "Eric Holder Must Go."

Just like Reverend Wright had to go. Just like Michelle had to be taken out of the public spotlight. Holder might soon be lifted clean out of the public view in the dark of night like Van Jones. You make Barry look bad, you threaten his approval ratings, you garner criticism from the Right and Bill O'Reilly, and you get run over.

When Bill Clinton had to get rid of inconvenient political liabilities they usually turned up dead, like Vince Foster, leading some people to use the term "Arkancide" for any Friend of Bill who fell out of favor and threatened his public image and political fortunes. By the last count that I'm aware of (and I'll admit, I have no evidence except what's been written on the Internet, so take that for what it's worth!), I think it's something like 56 people personally associated with Bill or Hillary, or their alleged underhanded-dealings who have died. Most under bizarre or questionable circumstances, either during their reign as Redneck King and Queen of Dogpatch (Arkansas), or as Co-Presidents of the United States. I don't mean to imply that Clinton had them killed (that he gave an order, that he assassinated then, nor to imply any overt action by the former President and his Trained Walrus with a Wal-Mart wedding ring), just that these folks died, and usually after they had been associated with some sort of scandal involving the President. Fifty-six people is an awful lot of coincidences, though, isn't it?

I wonder what you call it when you're about to be, symbolically, murdered by a Chicago Community Organizer? Send your suggestions for this new political term to the e-mail address above!

In any case, you wonder what runs through Eric Holder's head, and then you wonder how much of what Holder does (or rather, doesn't do) accurately reflects the orders he gets from his Boss? Does Holder really believe that the law-enforcement model of anti-terrorism works (despite evidence to the contrary that it doesn't), or is he simply "following orders", which, when that course of action becomes politically suspect, he must suffer the penalties for in order that Obama keep his skirts nice and clean? Stalin used to do that too, I hear.

Either way, someone has to go. It appears that Eric Holder is about to get sacrificed so that Barack Obama may maintain the illusion that he, ultimately, isn't responsible (have you ever met a man with so much responsibility who is ultimately so un-responsible, and perhaps, irresponsible?). A rogue Attorney General reigned in by a President who needed to 'pivot'...that'll be Eric Holder's political epithet.

Then he can go back to the lucrative terrorist defense attorney trade. It's what he was doing before he got this job, I think.

As an aside, there is an implication that Lindsey Graham, the annoying Senator from South Carolina, needs Holder's pelt as political cover to help Obama close Guantanamo Bay. If this is so, then Lindsey Graham is an asshole who should be voted out of office as quickly as possible. He obviously doesn't have the country's best interests at heart if he's willing to do something like that.

South Carolina Tea Partiers: you may have to find a candidate to run against Lindsey Graham. Think about it.

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