Monday, February 01, 2010

Snip 'Em...Preferably with Something Rusty and Blunt...

Ricky Gervais simply says out loud what every Progressive has been thinking for 100 years.

Normally, I could give a shit about anything that has to do with the world of entertainment, or Hollywood. I find people who are obsessed with celebrity to be drooling idiots -- on a good day. However, this item caught my eye for a specific reason;

What makes this, is that many of the same people who apparently have recoiled from Gervais' view about poor and irresponsible people, would have no problem at all with a young woman terminating an 'unwanted' pregnancy by having her baby's head pierced with a pair of surgical scissors, it's brain pulverized by stirring with those scissors, and the remains sucked out of the womb with a vacuum.

What's worse, is that the same argument Gervais is making is the same one the worst of the Progressives and Liberals have made for decades defending the practice of abortion, and as an excuse for some of the worst excesses of man; the Death Camps of Nazi Germany, and their American counterparts in Lynchburgh and Tuskegee. The Progressive belief that mankind is 'perfectible' is the driving impulse behind the forced sterilization of blacks, the mass incineration of Jews, and the tragedy of million of lives taken before they've even begun.

When you advocate for a brand of politics which puts no value on some categories of human life, you are ultimately advocating for a politics which eventually puts no value on human life at all. Gervais' real crime, some Progressives might say, is that his list is way too short....

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