Friday, February 05, 2010

Barrel Bombs?

The "militants" who are a constant threat to the security of Israel have been reduced to this:

Filling barrels with explosives and floating them off Israeli beaches, hoping the will float ashore to be detonated... by cell phone. Doesn't that mean someone has to watch the barrel? What kind of a job is that for any self-respecting child-murdering, terrorist scumbag? What is this world coming to?

Some see it as a desperation move; the old methods of explosive vests, blowing up public transport, sending the mentally-ill into crowded markets with bombs attached, indiscriminately launching unguided rockets into schoolyards and public parks, no longer work. The Israelis haven't packed up and left, the West still exists. All that's been accomplished is that the Israelis simply respond by maintaining an ever-tighter blockade of the Palestinian 'Authority' that makes it difficult for the sand-niggers to smuggle weapons and explosives into the country for use against Jews.

Others see it as a means of distraction and misinforming the Israelis and Western nations, making it look as if the Palestinians are reduced to such pitiful attempts to kill Jews and Christians, which will be taken as a sign that Hamas and Hezbollah are on their last legs. Straightway, certain self-destructive segments of Western society will leap headlong to their defense on "humanitarian grounds" and give it a shitoad of money. If the embargo and blockade are severe enough to deprive the terrorists of explosives, it must, certainly, be depriving them of milk and bread, too. This is the regular modus operandi of the Palestinian Authority; it takes desperate action against Israel, highlights the self-inflicted "suffering of the Palestinian People", and Europeans who hope Hamas finishes the job Hitler started, shower them with cash.

Let them starve, I say. That's fewer we'll have to waste bullets on later.

There's another school of thought that paints such laughable (I'm not laughing; it's an explosive barrel, you moron!) attempts as a sign that maybe The Terrorists aren't exactly the brightest people on the planet, and that perhaps the tone of those who espouse the War on Terror is a bit too shrill, designed mainly to frighten people into the voting booths, or that terrorism is used as an excuse to denude our citizens of their Civil Rights unjustly for sinister ends. After all, the people who invented the barrel bomb are the same folks who invented the shoe bomb, and the great technical leap forward in that design was the Underwear Bomb; we're not dealing with the smartest, most-insidious people here, you see?

The point, in case you've missed it, is not to refine the technical sophistication of either their bombs or their plans. Their aim is to destroy airliners full of innocent people. The idea that a bomb went from someone's shoe to someone's jockstrap may seem ridiculously simplistic in a 6th-grade-giggling sort of way, but the idea that someone is out to kill hundreds simultaneously with as little effort or expense as possible is still a frightening one. The continual march towards that ultimate goal is what is important, not the technical means.

We're not fighting people who are out to razzle-dazzle us with their expertise and skill; they just want us dead, and in that battle, any weapon they manage to cobble together, no matter how seemingly laughable, is still a deadly threat.

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