Wednesday, March 31, 2010

About Jennifer Griffin...

I'm not sure how many people know or remember Jennifer Griffin, who used to be the FoxNews Middle Eastern correspondent for many years. Recently, she was diagnosed with something called Triple Negative Breast Cancer, a rare form of cancer that strikes about 10% of all women with breast cancer.

I wasn't aware that Jennifer had cancer. I wondered what had happened to her. She was a very good reporter, I always thought. And cute. Until I watched Greta Van Sustern this evening, I had just figured she'd moved on, or maybe settled down or something. Anyway, I found the interview she did with Greta this evening quite brave and inspiring. And even though at the best of times I'm a heartless prick, I was rather impressed, and a little moved, by her interview this evening. I think maybe it was her kids; I'm a sucker for kids.

Jennifer Griffin has a blog here on Blogger. You should make an effort to stop in and see what she has to say about her cancer and treatment, and maybe, just learn a lesson or two about how to face something this horrible with a little class and dignity, and whole lot of courage.

Get well, Jennifer.

UPDATE: Fixed the link.

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