Monday, March 29, 2010

Terrorism in Moscow..

Two women, believed to be members of a Chechen group known as the Black Widows of Chechnya, strapped explosives on, walked into the Moscow subway system, and in the station below the former-KGB Headquarters -- and blew themselves up.

The death toll, so far, is 38. With 65 others wounded.

We can argue about the validity of the Russian invasion of Chechnya all day long. It was naked imperialism, a purely defensive move, or made as part of a plan to reassert Russian control over ethnic minorities and lost territories. Whatever. I don't know enough about the history here to make a judgement on those subjects.

However, the response of the Chechens is something I can and will make a judgement on.

Chechen retaliation for Russian re-conquest have taken the forms of taking an entire elementary school hostage in Beslan, resulting in the deaths of 300people -- half of them children -- from gunshot wounds and explosives. The taking of a Moscow theatre which led to the deaths of over 100 people trapped within by toxic gas. And now, we have people being blown up on public transport (I guess Chechens can't afford plane tickets, or perhaps the Russians do the right thing and keep Islamic folk off airplanes, huh?).

I understand the dynamic of a smaller force, unable to confront it's enemy directly, turning to irregular methods of warfare. But this is not to say that many of those methods are the same as terrorism, which is a specific tactic, more psychological than military.

Unless you're a Muslim -- which many Chechens are. Then terrorism is your preferred method of warfare, and it's aimed not at the troops (they might shoot back and kill you, you know! How am I supposed to be a Brave Warrior of Allah if I can't run away?), but at unarmed people, often defenseless people, taken unawares:



People riding subway trains

I don't think you're gathering any sympathy for your cause, worthy or not, Chechens and Black Widows. I might even hazard a guess that you're about to get one rammed right up your wazoo, if the Russkies still operate in the same ways they have for the last 100 years. There's going to be a whole lot more Black Widows of Chechnya, and there should be: the fewer Muslims, and even better, fewer Muslims who believe terrorism is legitimate political and military activity, and the easier the rest of the world may rest.

Yeah, I know; some people who read that will say "That's cruel and it's racist and it's disgusting..." but I could give a shit. First of all, "Muslim" is not a race. If the time ever came when you were faced by a gun or bomb-wielding fanatic, I can promise you that your Politically Correct Pieties will not protect you when that lunatic wants you dead. You don't earn any brownie points for kissing Muzzie backside and acquiring a taste for cous-cous and goat. Islam is a disease that causes people to blow themselves up and take as many innocent bystanders as they can with them -- and then excuses it as a moral and religious imperative. It is indiscriminate in it's violence, and can excuse even the worst behaviors so long as they are directed against "The Infidel" -- a list which grows longer by the day, as Muslims discover even more people they wish to dispossess and enslave.

If that isn't cruel and disgusting, then I don't know what is.

Moscow is not innocent in all of this; for many years it supported terrorist groups, many of the Arab and Muslim, as weapons to be used against the West or to spread communist ideology. Sometimes, you reap what you sow. Good luck to the Russians in their task of trying to put the genie back in the bottle.

There's gonna be a lot of dead Chechens soon.

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