Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing...

Obama was just on TV (FoxNews). Again. Standing in front of an F/18 (it makes him look much more manly -- especially after he snuck into and out of Afghanistan in the middle of the night like a thief earlier this week), and starts talking about Biofuels. The F/A -18 has been specially modified to fly on biofuels...we think. Who says you can't be environMENTALly conscious when killing what liberals (small 'l' intentional) insist are innocent Muslims driven to the extreme of terrorism by the evil cabal of Big Oil, McDonald's and Srhubby McBushHitler??

He then goes on to say that the United States has "less than 2% of the World's Known Oil Reserves", but we're going to drill for them anyway in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico, because we need to become energy independent. Places that two years ago were off-limits because we needed to "grow the Green Economy" and because "it's not worth the investment, doesn't solve our energy problems, and will contribute to global warming."

Two years later, the priorities seem to have changed.

The Green Energy Initiative that was supposed to create sixteen bazillion jobs only creates them in China. The Green Cornucopia that was to bring us unlimited energy instead brings us next-to-nothing nothing at prices that cannot be maintained. The threat of Global Warming, brought into question by the fact that the scientists and international bureaucrats who supposedly "study the phenomenon" are probably lying to us and doctoring their data to support outlandish claims and investments in their continuing "research" -- and even-more outlandish regulation and taxation.

And Obama gets his (death-) wish and accomplishes the passage of a "Health" "Care" "Reform" that is mostly-unfunded mandates that can only be realized by massive tax increases that the public is likely to revolt over.

Now, Obama's taking up the banner and fulfilling the evil Wishes of Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Fascists, and shouting "Drill, Baby, Drill!" -- but still trying to disguise it as part of a Green Energy Initiative and as a matter of National Security -- by standing in front of a "modified" fighter-bomber? Why, the juxtaposition of political opportunism set against the cynicism of trying topaint your politicaloppoents as right-wing-extremist-whackos almost looks too painful to be real.

You have to be a complete and utter asshole to miss all that symbolism. You'd have to be Stevie Wonder not to see through it in a second.

Obama wants Cap-and-Trade policies that will, the Other Side insists, "solve" the "problem" of "Global Warming". But, Obama needs cash. Cold, hard, dollah-dollah-moolah, Baby, and tilting at windmills (literally) and depending on solar panels hasn't panned out quite the way He anticipated. It apparently isn;t so easy to blow Sunshine up people's asses when there's only so much to go around. Obama needs what on Wall Street we used to refer to as "an additional revenue stream",and what's known in political circles as "a pivot" so as not to be seen as ignoring the Americanpeople, and to convince them that he's really not a died-in-the-wool-Castro-Loving Commie Crapweasel.

Obama offers the molasses; we're going to open up drilling and exploitation of home-grown resources that have been off-limits for decades. Conservatives/Republicans/Tea-Fascists should be happy -- and lulled into a false sense of security. Then he feeds us the Sulphur: the money gained from the sale of drilling rights, the taxes collected on gasoline, electricity and by-products created with that all that new oil and the soon-to-return spectre of Windfall Profits Taxes, will then go into funding ObamaCare -- and might even be used to fund even worse liberal (small 'l' intentional) excesses. Some of us will get a job, some of us might have that appendectomy paid for eight years from now. As long as all that happens (He assumes), we're not supposed to notice that Obama basically became a Conservative overnight, caved to the pressure of public opinion, and tossed his Leftie friends over the railing on the issue of enslaving us all in the name of Mother Gaia (the New Communism), turning himself into a liar and opportunist in the process.
In the meantime, maybe a few tens of thousands of Americans might be put back to work, which will be trumpeted as evidence of an economic "miracle" by (P)MSNBC and their ilk (in a country in which 10 million are "officially" unemployed, and the true total might be closer to 17 million). We're supposed to be grateful for any economic growth we get out of this President, no matter how mediocre and infinitesimal.

David Copperfield on his best day couldn't pull this one off, and neither can Barack Obama. Mostly because he doesn't have any credibility anymore, and partly because like George C. Scott in "Patton", "You magnificent Bastard, I'VE READ YOUR BOOK!".

King Priam, the doomed monarch of Troy is supposed to have remarked upon the discovery of hte Trojan Horse "I fear the Greeks, even when they come bearing gifts...". But no one listened to him, and Troy was taken by deceit and the inhabitants slaughtered.

I fear the post-racial, post-partisan President who does nothing but harp on race and practice naked partisanship when He comes bearing gifts, too.

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