Monday, March 29, 2010

Your Children Suck...

For all the parents out there who believe that Your Little Angels are well-behaved. law-abiding, perfectly capable of establishing their own reasonable boundaries, and of making their own, well-informed and reasonable decisions:

You are not a parent. You just donated the gametes. You seriously have no clear idea of what your children do when they're out of your line of sight, do you?

Last night, a small crowd of Bubble-gum Gansgtas ran through my neighborhood, overturning garbage cans, kicking dents into people's cars, making a God-awful racket and being absolute assholes. I would hazard to guess that this group of about 8-10 13 yr-old boys had a good reason to be roaming the streets at 11:30 on a Sunday night, and engaging in such activities (maybe it was a homework assignment?), but I couldn't get the opportunity to find out when they visited my house to attempt pouring the contents of my neighbor's garbage cans into my shrubbery, because they ran like little girls (a few even screaming!) when I caught them in the act. You can't get a cop to do anything about it because, well, 11:30 on Sunday night is just before they change shifts at Dunkin' Donuts, and when you knock on your neighbor's door to tell her her son is a Barbarian, she gets defensive and tells you to mind your own fuckin' business.

This minor-but-common-around-here complaint, of course, pales in comparison to this one:

9 Teens Charged with Bullying Teen Who Killed Herself After Rape

I guess some of you really have no clue about what your children are up to. So long as no one calls you to complain about anything, and the school you warehouse them in for 8 hours a day isn't calling you, and you can keep them quiet with their little electronic doo-dads so that they aren't up your ass all day, then everything is hunky-fucking-dory, isn't it?

Stories like this aren't a rarity, sadly. This is the third or fourth suicide (and another young girl, too) under similar circumstances that I'm reading about in the last year, or so. What the fuck are these kids doing to each other, and where are their parents?

It's obvious their parents are nowhere to be found. There's obviously little supervision, and little guidance from Sperm Donor and The Woman Who Carried It Around for Nine Months, and the schools are full of union hacks who are more concerned with the Holy Grail of tenure than they are with helping to create decent human beings. Where are the cops? Where are the social services people? Where is the Church? Did this poor girl have absolutely no options available to her at all, or are we going to eventually find out that she was failed by everyone, which sadly, is far too often the case?

To (many) of you parents out there: your children are Huns. Rein them in before we have more suicides, or worse, before they're plotting the execution of their classmates and the destruction of their school with explosives. When that happens, you can bet the first words out of the parent's mouths are always "I had no idea that Johnny was thinking about this! I can't understand why he would do a thing like this...."

He thinks that way because you let him, and because you never listen to anything he has to say -- unless it costs you money or inconveniences you. He does these things because you don't care about what he does; you don't ask how he is, and you certainly don't involve yourself in his life so as to not crush his precious self-esteem. And so long as no one breaks your balls about it, everyone's happy, right?

Predictably, because you failed in your responsibility as a parent, property gets damaged, neighborhoods are terrorized, communities become less safe and civil -- and then someone winds up dead.

We know where this road leads. So, do us all a favor and put your little sacks of raging testosterone and porn-stars-in-training on a leash, or better yet, teach them some fucking manners and restraint. Save a life.

Update: They're probably watching their friend's mothers stripping-- when they aren't screwing their teachers-- I guess.

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