Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Al Gore Has Blood on His Hands..

Tree-Huggers Kill Themselves, Do something Al Gore Doesn't Have the Courage to Do Himself.

Give them credit for at least being true to their "code"; if only all the other people who believe that mankind is ruining the planet and that a One-World Socialist State run by the U.N. is the answer to all problems were likewise so committed.

Because, ultimately, this is where EnvironMENTALism leads; to the conclusion that the planet is better off without humans, left to revert to it's pristine and natural state, isn't it? At least for the foot soldiers in the movement. The high-mucky-muck like Al Gore are expected to be thanked and given positions of leadership for advocating policies that will kill millions.

The unfortunate part is that the idiots who believed, the brain-damaged sacks of DNA who were supposed to be parents, decided their children had to die for their stupidity, too. And just like pot-smoking slackers everywhere, they did the job in predictably half-assed fashion; they left one alive. Now, that innocent little girl is an orphan, but frankly, she's a lot better off than if her parents had lived. People who come to the conclusion that murder-suicide is a solution to a problem are truly nuts. This child, at least, will now have a chance to be adopted by normal parents who will give her a normal life, love her, and think of her in terms of a her basic humanity instead of her environMENTAL impact.

Because those so-called parents, I don't believe, ever loved their children. The proof is that they resorted to (attempted) murder in the name of a psuedo-scientific-theory-elevated-into-religion based upon lies. Those weren't children in their minds; those were potential polluters and exploiters of Mother Gaia... they were carbon footprints.

I wonder if Al Gore will sleep soundly tonight knowing that he's promulgating a scam upon people who are mentally weak and in need of psychological help, to the point where murder-suicide seems a reasonable alternative to them? I wonder, if Al Gore now feels like Osama Bin Laden in the sense that his words and deeds on behalf of a crackpot cause, the re-romaticisizing of World Socialism under the guise of a religion, have incited the murder of innocents?

(Note: Yes, that may be a bit hyperbolic, but the analogy holds true. Al Gore would kill millions with his philosophy if it meant he got rich, powerful and could aggrandize himself in the process. Just like Bin Laden, he wants to be seen as the savior of... something, and amply rewarded for his service).

I rather doubt Mr. Gore actually gives a shit. After all, he has a billion dollars, a Nobel Peace Prize, and he gets invited to all the smart parties that he flies in private jets to. In some precincts, he's even taken seriously an dtreated as if he were relevant, almost sage-like. That "legacy" -- the Legacy of Environmental Prophet, even if it will be potentially responsible for the deaths of millions and the economic ruination of millions more -- is a whole lot better than the one he would have had without Global Warming: crybaby, compulsive liar who tried to sue his way into the White House, but who ultimately lost to a man his political compatriots said was a complete and utter dunce.

Selfish bastard.

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