Tuesday, March 02, 2010

No Carpetbaggers Need Apply...

Harold Ford drops out of NY Senate race.

Fabulous. We've already had enough of libtard Carpetbaggers in this state. New York is where libtards from all over the country eventually settle to work, and so we get everyone else's libs, and then we get blamed for being too liberal for the country's good. Just so you know, it isn't entirely our fault; keep your own liberals at home!

So, this November, we might be one libtard lighter: Kirsten Gillbrand might have to defend her job as Chuck Schumer's Ventriloquist's Dummy With Tits (CSVDWT) against a republican (assuming we can find one who can chew gum and walk at the same time someplace in New York) and if that is the case, she'll probably lose.

I say "probably" because the NY Republican party is a bunch of dunces. They couldn't organize a gang-bang in a prison shower. They find the most unattractive (but politically-well-connected) candidates to run for statewide and federal offices, and they get beaten about the head and face by democrats who are barely capable of counting without removing their shoes and socks (see: New York Congressional delegation). In other words, they get beaten by people just slightly smarter than bread mold.

And since the NY Repub Go-to-Guy -- perennial loser Rick Lazio -- is already in the Governor's race, the NY Repubs are left to find someone just as dull and just as beatable to run against Gillibrand, because that is their modus operandi. Does the name George Pataki ring any bells?

If it does, you'd better scream "HELL NO!".

There are two other possibilities; if she could be persuaded to get into the race, there is former Congresswoman Susan Molinari, who gave the keynote address at the Republican convention back in the days when that actually meant something. Molinari is from my hometown (Staten Island), comes from another NY Political Dynasty (that might be a strike against her -- we've had enough Political Dynasties, thank you), and she's smarter than Gillibrand is. Then again, lobotomized cocker spaniels are smarter than Gillbrand, but that's not to take away from Molinari; She is smart as a whip and realizes that we still have a Constitution, which puts her miles ahead of the Repub Party Apparatchiks.

The other possibility is Rudy Giuliani, America's Mayor. The problem with Rudy is that the national Republican Party would probably bust a blood vessel because of his stances on Gay Rights and Gun Control (it's why he never made it through the 2008 primaries, you know), but the Tea Parties and the non-panty-bunched republicans (the one's not tied directly to, or earning their living from the party) could easily put him over the top. We need to have Rudy somewhere in a position of responsibility in New York State, if only because he's proven to be a responsible person with actual abilities. Having just one person like that puts us head and shoulders above the other 49 states.

The problem is that the NY Republican party will probably not tap either. It has a bigger list of well-connected-but-even-bigger losers to promote. That's where it's true interests lie, because it is not so much A party as much as it is many-smaller parties, and they can never agree on anything or anyone, and this is the main reason why it's so ineffective. It's provincial and it's politics and infighting are, ultimately, local and not state-wide.

For once, the NY State Republican Party should do the right thing, and fuck their friends over. These elections in November are too important to the future of the country for the same stupidity to play out; that system coughed up Dede Scozzafava, after all.

Tap Susan or tap Rudy. You'll get the Tea Partiers on your side, and you'll be able to actually win something for a change. You'll finally succeed in doing something meaningful, NY-GOP.

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