Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Louis Farrakhan is an Idiot...

Yeah, I know: like that's a news flash...

The "Minister" had some very choice words over the weekend at one of those gatherings where the mental patients who make up the Nation of Islam get all dressed up like they're in a Broadway Musical and stew in their racism for a day or two.

You can read about it here.

What the article doesn't mention, because the New York Daily News is run by a bunch of libtards, is that the "Minister" managed to say that (paraphrasing) Whitey is out to Assassinate Barack Obama, and the White Right is determined to make sure Barry is a One-Term President, and naturally, we're determined to do this because we're racists.

Well, the "Minister" is an expert on racism, with just one exception; he can recognize it in everyone but himself.

I don't like Barack Obama, I'll admit. I never did, but I've tried to be fair...and it's really not working for me. Mostly because he's a liar, has already been shown to have been thoroughly unqualified for the job, and he never accepts responsibility for anything...except other people's successes. He's obviously surrounded himself with opportunistic sycophants, who when they aren't telling him how great he is and how he gives Great Speech, are busy running the government in his stead.

King Barack I would rather ride Air Force One to accept Peace Prizes he didn't earn, beg a bunch of Eurotwerps for an Olympic Games for his Chicago Cronies, and make sure Michelle and he can have a Date Night anywhere in the freakin' country at any hour of the day, at taxpayer expense. Barack Obama has spent even less time, I reckon, in the White House actually working than George W. Bush did.

And on some level, I think we might actually be fortunate he's been so reluctant to work. I shudder to think what he might manage to destroy if he was actually trying.

I don't want Obama dead, I just want him gone. If I have to wait until Jan 20, 2013, then that's fine. We've survived LBJ, Carter and Clinton, and we'll survive Barack I. I just hope that in the meantime we can replace as much of the rest of the government as we possibly can by that time through the electoral process so that the damage that Obama manages can be contained.

The reason I don't support Barack Obama has noting to do with him being black (the Minister has conveniently forgotten that Obama is only HALF-black. The rest of him is White. A decade ago, Louis Farrakhan would have said that Barry wasn't "authentically black", but I guess an electoral victory changes everything, huh?). My distaste for Barack Obama has to do with his policies.

When he says "We are the change we've been waiting for..." he's really alluding to a carefully-disguised program of Reparations for black folks.

When he says "Yes We Can!" he really means that he can find ways to throw cash at African Americans in the form of Cash-for-Clunkers, Mortgage Renegotiation schemes that are designed to give houses to people who could never have afforded them in the first place. "Health Care Reform" is designed to give even MORE free health care to people who already get it at someone else's expense. Do you really suppose the single mother who takes her seven children by eight fathers into the Emergency Room for the sniffles pays anything for that visit -- ever -- do you? You don't think the chronically-unemployed 350-pound man who lives on a diet of fatback-ripple -and-two-packs-of-Kools a day who shows up in the cardiac ward twice a year for another double-bypass ever pays for his time in the hospital? You don't imagine that the welfare-and-food-stamp crackhead who finds himself shot on a street corner because the brothers who did the drive-by can't aim straight, and missed the guy sitting 50-yards to his right, ever pays for the massive trauma treatment and surgical bills he's incurred, do you?

When Barack Obama says "Hope and Change..." he means "we hope White folks are either stupid enough, or we can manipulate the irrational guilt of White Liberals enough, to not realize they will be taxed to death in order to "hook a brother up"... and the Change is what'll be left in Whitey's pocket after it's been picked.

When Barack Obama talks about "putting America to work" he truly means make-work government union jobs, which will be given to African Americans disproportionately, so that even the dumbest, laziest bastard in America can earn $60 an hour and not have any result at all expected in return.

That's why I dislike Barack Obama, "Minister". But I certainly don't want him dead. We already have a holiday for a dead black man (who actually deserved the honor), and an entire month in which I have to be assaulted (once again) with the story of how George Washington Carver invented peanut butter and Whitey got rich on it. Get some new propaganda already, will ya?

But this is what the "Minister" does; he spouts complete bullshit knowing that no one is going to call him on it, and that even if they do, the acute psychosis and pathological distrust which affects a certain segment of Black America is so deep that no measure of common sense or logic will ever penetrate it. They believe that racism is so endemic that there's not a single conspiracy theory, any lie, any misrepresentation that they won't swallow whole and take with them to the grave. It's why he can stand up there and tell the tale of having been taken aboard an alien spacecraft and still have people take him seriously, if not regard him as their savior.

It's apparent the aliens didn't anal probe him, as is their wont, because the "Minister" is still full of shit.

Barack Obama will, indeed, be a "one term President", but his race will have nothing to do with it. It will be because he was man totally unprepared for the job, and possessed of the most outrageous, and unconstitutional, theories of how government should work. He'll fail because there isn't a promise he's ever made that he has ever kept; transparency on C-Span, no tax increases for 250k and under, cutting the deficit, tax cut for 95% of Americans, keeping unemployment low as justification for a Stimulus monstrosity, you can keep your own physician, so on and so forth. The economic future of this country looks exceedingly bleak, and the President is spending money that doesn't even exist faster than anyone can even imagine it, let alone print it. This country is rapidly headed for the Zimbabwe Zone. When Barack Obama finally leaves office, it will not be because of some vast "White"-wing conspiracy -- it'll be because he was a rotten President. So bad, in fact, that he almost makes me nostalgic for Jimmy Carter.

What the Black Comm-uuun-itaaay (as Rev. Al calls it) should be worried about, "Minister", is that Barack Obama turns out to be such a rotten President that we never see another Black Person take that Oath of Office ever again -- and not because of race -- but because of the belief that Obama represents the mindset of the average black person. That mindset fairly screams "I'm entitled" without ever mentioning a damned thing about responsibility.

Black are not responsible for high crime rates and prison recidivism, because that's a legacy of slavery. Blacks are not responsible for illiteracy and the destruction of the Public School Systems in their communities because that's a legacy of slavery. Blacks are not responsible for out-of-control rates of bastardy because that's a legacy of slavery. Blacks are not responsible for having a work ethic, because that's a legacy of slavery, therefore, Whitey owes them all a free house, a free car, free health insurance, and a high-paying job where nothing is expected of them, and they shouldn't have to work or pay for any of it --because that's a legacy of slavery, too.

He stands as an example of what is possible in America if people apply their talents and intelligence, and then defeats that positive message by infantilizing his own people. Obama sends out the signal that Blacks don't have to, nor should they, put their talents to work for their own improvement. They should be mindless wards of the State, and someone else should pay for it. And what really rankles, what really chaps our asses, is that we who will write the checks for it all don't get ever the full poop on what he proposes, or even the chance to speak our peace on it. It's just shoved up our asses, sideways, and we're expected to just shut up about it.

That's why Barack Obama will fail, "Minister". That's why we want him gone. That's why he'll be a one-term President.

Maybe the next time you see those aliens, you could ask them to take you with them when they leave?

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