Sunday, February 28, 2010

An Inconvenient Windbag...

Al Gore is back, fighting for his rice bowl.

The issue that Mr. Gore, and many other Tree-Hugging-Hippies miss is this: climate change happens whether or not human beings have a hand in it. I can drag a few hundred scientists into my living room this afternoon who will be all too happy to explain how they know that the very spot I sit on has been covered in ice sheets several miles thick in the recent, geological past. That ice isn't here anymore (although there is an awful lot of snow on the ground right now), and it hasn't been for 20-40,000 years now.

That means the ice disappeared, maybe before this continent was even populated, without the benefit of smokestacks, internal combustion engines and CFCs. That is to say, the ice retreated without the efforts of a single person. The evidence for climate change is everywhere: the Sahara used to be a lush forest, the Southwestern US used to be the site of mangrove swamps. There is evidence of mass-extinctions which may be related to climate change, and evidence of creatures evolving to take advantage of climate change. In fact, some scientists speculate that had it not been for Global Warming, all the oxygen we now breathe would still be encased in glacial ice, meaning we wouldn't be here.

The conclusion: Climate Change is something that occurs naturally, outside the experience and abilities of man to create, predict or control. It has happened many times before and will continue long after mankind has died from Obamacare. The geological and fossil records prove it to be so. The evidence lead some to believe that mankind has very little effect on his environment, or at least not in the way that Mr. Gore and his compatriots would like you to believe we do. The mechanisms -- the science if you will -- of climate change are poorly-understood, and not fully explored, but, Climate Change has become the new Revolutionary chic. All the fashionable people believe in it, and it's really an excuse to exert power over their fellow human beings. It is Communism in newer guise, given the patina of religion by evoking the Noble Savage and Bucolic Nature Worship.

The Cult of the Watermelon (Green on the outside, Red on the Inside) is supported by a series of "official reports" and "scientific papers" which are based upon deliberate falsehoods. The Ten Commandments, if you will, of Global Warming are all predicated on lies; on data that has been fabricated and kept out of the reach of those who might objectively review it, defended by those who have destroyed records and conspired to professionally ruin their intellectual and political adversaries. Some of the men who perpetrated these lies, who are the demigods of the cult, have even confessed to it.

We know the climate will change, Mr. Gore; we just don't believe that adopting Global Communism under the Auspices of the UN will "save" us. We don't believe that arresting the development of the West to fund the development of Everywhere Else is the solution to the problems of poverty or material dearth, and this, at root, is the true purpose of the Global Climate Change crowd; they wish to redistribute the wealth of the West to the Scum of the Earth.

If the Scum want my way of life, then they can do what my forebears and myself have done: go out and build it for themselves. It's not my fault if they live in absolute squalor, steeped in superstition, trapped in cultures which rate child rape, clitorectomy and cannibalism higher than personal rights, technical advancement and freedoms. The forced redistribution of wealth the Tree Huggers scream is the only means to "save" mankind will not help; those societies which suffer in poverty, which live in filth and ignorance, will remain filthy and ignorant, and still poor. They might only be slightly-better dressed.

The issue is not wealth, it is not "redistribution of resources", it isn't boilerplate communism in a new shade of lipstick:

It's culture. Change those cultures where people still crap in their own drinking water and leave their children to die on hillsides, and they'll very quickly become wealthy and self-reliant without an Al Gore or the UN. The Gores and the Watermelons of the world can't change culture; it's too difficult to do by means of persuasion and example. So, force is the only resort. They wish to force the productive to support the unproductive, forever, as a sap to their consciences, and to scratch some mysterious mental itch that they all seem to have which makes them irrationally guilty and overly-emotional. And if they manage to get rich in the process, so much the better.

Never let it be said that communists never appreciate money; they just don't like the people who have it. Al Gore is more concerned these days about his wallet than his scruples.

Al Gore really doesn't give a shit about the planet, because if he did, he wouldn't live in a mansion you could park a 747 in, and which leaks electricity like a sieve. He wouldn't have a houseboat --- with a penthouse on it. He wouldn't fly everywhere he goes on private jets with an entourage of Secret Service Agents and a battalion of sycophants. He wouldn't be writing an article for a newspaper --- which slaughters trees. He wouldn't be concerned about restricting a gas (Carbon dioxide) which is a necessary resource for all life on Earth. He certainly wouldn't be a guy who would be so crass as to make a billion bucks on an invented crisis, would he? I mean, someone this devoted simply couldn't be the same man who happens to run one of the biggest Ponzi-schemes ever devised, the Carbon Credit markets? Don't believe it; Gore, all by himself, is the new Enron.

Al Gore continues to spout his stupidity because Al Gore has a vested interest, a billion-dollar-vested-interest, in doing so. Anything he has to say on the subject of Global Climate Change, Global Warming, a New Ice Age (why is it that the term keeps changing?), or whatever he's selling this week, needs to be taken with a huge dose of scepticism.

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