Saturday, April 24, 2010

Arizona Makes it Illegal to Be in Arizona Illegally...

And it's about fuckin' time, too!

The State of Arizona has passed a law which (finally!) makes it illegal to be an illegal alien. Confronted by the fact that the Federal Government has failed in it's responsibility (under Article IV, Section IV of the Constitution) to guarantee Republican government, and to defend each state from invasion, the state finally decided that if you want something done right, you probably have to do it yourself.

Police officers in Arizona now have the power to ask about a person's immigration status, and to demand documentation proving that status -- if they have sufficient cause to believe that someone may be in the state illegally.

Naturally, the Libtards have already made their allusions to Nazi Germany (the great refrain on all the sites today is some variation of the Nazi "Papers, please?" cliche), and naturally, Hispanic Groups are already up in arms about how this law is aimed specifically at them (well...duh! But, then again, the law makes no distinction between Hispanic, and say, French or Chinese. It just says "undocumented" or "illegal" in that fine legalese bullshit way), but these responses are de rigeur for the Left, and usually overly-simplistic; they are aimed at people who little intelligence and trouble chewing gum and walking simultaneously. These kinds can usually be counted upon to miss the Big Question. In this case, the The Big Question -- "does anyone have the right to be a criminal parasite?" has a common-sense answer the Libtards don't want the faithful to hear.

They squeal and make illusions to Soviet Gulags (Gulags, incidentally, which they were all in favor of so long as it was their ideological enemies being sent to them) because the more emotional and stupid amongst us will, naturally, react in the same way, and their opposition to similar laws will be based upon fear rather than reason. Libtards cannot do anything without appealing to or manipulating the emotions of fear, envy and guilt.

Finally, because Libtards expect Hispanics to be yet another monolithic voting bloc, just like American Blacks, the rights of the criminal portion of that demographic must be defended at all costs. If Arizona gets away with this, then every state in the Union will try it, and the next thing you know, English becomes the chief lingua franca of the United States, 12 million parasites (i.e. Potential Obama voters) suddenly up and leave before they can be arrested and deported, why, who knows what chaos would follow?

I mean, the government might be forced to stop providing services in any language other than English because the demand for them would decrease and the expense no longer justifiable. The hospitals might actually be less busy, having to provide fewer services and procedures to those who won't pay for them, saving money and becoming more efficient in the process. Something that Libtards will try to paint as a consequence of ObamaCare, but we'll all know better. Our Schools might actually work, because resources will not have to be dedicated (wasted on) to teaching to non-English speakers who will most likely never graduate because of their culture's indifference to education.

Tens, perhaps hundreds of Billions of tax-payer dollars will be saved when the entire apparatus of Liberal-inspired "services", which only serve to encourage illegal immigration by catering to the immigrants needs, all comes crashing down. It's a horrible thought, because if that should ever happen, millions of government-union employees would be tossed out of work, "Immigration Advocates" would have no one to "advocate" for, Immigration Attorneys would be forced to practice law instead of game the system. They might even, horror of horrors!, be forced to find gainful employment in the private sector!

I figure many of them (the former government employees)will be forced to take the McJobs they all hate so much, because those might be the only tasks they're actually qualified for.

One prong to the strategy to permanently ensconce a Left-wing influence in American politics was by artificially skewing the demographics of the country. This strategy will have been wrecked if illegal immigration were controlled, and the laws enforced. The Libs cannot abide true immigration enforcement -- let alone actual immigration reform -- because to do so weakens them, threatens their power and self-esteem, and limits their ability to manipulate public feelings and opinions so as to extract the maximum amount of wealth from the people who created it to fund their own non-productive, more like counter-productive, official fiefdoms. They get money for basically a) doing nothing, and b) doing things that are harmful to the greater society, because it's all ultimately a part of their their political outlook.

The only this missing from this Arizona law is the ability to taser an illegal immigrant right on the fucking spot, if you ask me. I want to see everyone who isn't here legally make another Run for the Border -- this time headed south. I'd like to see the assholes who support the Religion of Terrorism head for the airports, and leave before they can blow something else up, or litter the streets ith the bodies of their "Honor Killed" daughters and wives. I'd jump for joy if just one person attached to the cocaine and marijuana trades was tossed out on his ass. I'd be ecstatic if I could open my local newspaper and not read of another victim of a drunk-driving illegal immigrant (usually with a criminal record) , or there was one fewer rape atrocity story involving Central American romantic jealousy. One less warning about strange diseases like West Nile Virus, SARS and the fifty variations of Swine and Avian flus, tuberculosis, measles, and even cholera and bubonic plague being brought back into the United States from people arriving from all shitholes of the planet.

But don't mind me --- I'm a racist according to half my e-mail.

Personally, I don't have a pool and am capable of mowing my own lawn. I don't take many taxis, and can live without all that lettuce in my diet. I really hate the sound of leafblowers at sunrise.
I can live with a fewer restaurants, despite my addictions to Arroz con pollo, Cubanos and Churros y Chocolateada.

Good for Arizonans, I say. They're being overrun by an invasion of people who have no respect for their rights, their property or their laws. People who bring crime, corruption, and decay with them, who refuse to assimilate and who suck mightily on the public teat, while offering little in the way of economic benefits or even good citizenship.

You can read about it, and some of the reaction, here, here, here and here.

(H/T Instapundit, JammieWearingFool, Ann Althouse)


Anonymous said...

Well Anglos for centuries have been making outlandish laws, and this should not be any different. Remember when they believed white and colored signs was a law? Remember when they wrongfully stole this land from the Native Americans? Hispanics do all the jobs white people are too lazy to do. Im not down for anybody being in the country illegally, but white people take advantage of the system more. Food stamps, and Section 8. But if get asked by officers for my "papers" I will hurt the s@!* stick mayberry reject. Being a native to this state you know the history that it was owned by Mexico before. Maybe we should bring back all the yellow stars of david too for the white folk jews?

Matthew said...

Dear Anonymous.

Cry me a fuckin' river! Comparing asking people who have broken the law to go home, and then deportin ghtem when they don't, is now akin to the Holocaust?

I don't know where you get your ideas, but so far as I know, no one is advocating killing illegal immigrants in the millions. And I never heard anyone suggest that the same law would not apply to illegal Irishmen, Illegal Arabs, Illegal Italians, or Illegal Zimbabweans, so if you believe that it's specifically aimed at Hispanics, I can only say that's probably an indication of a guilty conscience.

Secondly, as for all this Anglos-this-and-Anglos-that nonsense; Anglos have invented everything that makes modern life possible. Including the cures for many of the diseases that illegal immigrants are bringing back into our country with them.

Finally, they aren't "jobs Anglos won't do", they're "jobs Anglos won't do because they don't pay $20-an-hour and come with a dental plan". Do you now WHY Anglos won't deign to take those jobs? Because most of us at least graduated high school and have a rather wider array of options, that's why. If put to the test, I'm perfectly certain I could live without lettuce, wouldn't mind making my own bed in the hotel, and am perfectly capable of mowing my own lawn, thank you. If by my sacrifice one illegal immigrant would leave the country for lack of work, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

Also, I don't know to which state you are referring to when you call me a "native" (I'm anative New Yorker), and no Arizona wasn't "owned by Mexico" before the Mexicans themselves sold it to the United States (The Gadsen Purchase...look it up. Oh, forgot that's AMERICAN HISTORY and you'll never learn any of that on Telemundo). It belonged to your Spanish forebears (i.e. Other White People) who came by it the same way their Aztec and Maya predecessors came by it -- they conquered and took it from the people who lived there before.

So let's stop with the bullshit about who "stole" what.

And as far as Food Stamps and Section 8, since it's White People who pay the fucking taxes that pay for those programs (50% of the population pays no income taxes -- guess what colors predominate in that group -- and Mexicans are a net drain on the tax base, you know), then you have fuck-all to say about who gets what.

Thanks for stopping by.