Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mark Your Calendars: May 20th is "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!"

A movement is afoot to support Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of South Park who were recently threatened with death by an Islamic website for daring to poke fun at the wife-beating, felonious, mentally-unstable, child-molesting Prophet Mohammed, by having as many people as possible draw and display their conception of that Desert-Dwelling Douchebag, all on the same day.

It's called "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day".

The idea is that if the response to an Islamic death threat -- and also a response to the censorship which some in America feel is itself the appropriate response to Islamic death threats (because they're pussies!) -- is mass ridicule, then the death threats will cease. That if there is pushback, these assholes will back down. Eventually, each threat is answered with a new wave of ridicule and blasphemy larger than the last, and the intimidation and attempt to censor Americans exercising their rights to Free Speech will come to an end.

It'll work, because at heart, all Islamic men are bullies, with very small penises, who have no guts for a principled fight whatsoever. They are nothing more than tiny little dictators, their little minds warped by endless hours of sodomy suffered at the hands of their imams in "school", who live in continuous, quaking, sweating, pants-shitting fear of The Vagina -- a fear so deep and terrifying, that they must wrap their womenfolk up in burlap, beat them regularly, hide them from public view and treat them like cattle. Then they go out and shag sheep. It's no wonder that as soon as Arab women hit the West they immediately "trade up" to one of us normal (usually white) guys -- assuming they aren't killed by their fathers and brothers first, or married off to a first-cousin in the sewers of Lahore, Aden or Damascus before they're old enough to realize that they're being oppressed.

Yes, ridicule and defiance are always effective against the bullies of the world. And besides, it'll be fun to finally get a chance to antagonize these turds.

Keep a lookout for a your local "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" gathering, and show up with your sign to show support for your country and your way of life. Let the pig fuckers...err..."extremists"...know that that this is OUR Country,and OUR Culture, and we mean to defend it and ourselves. Let them know that their ideas, ways of life, peccadilloes, vagina-phobia, and insane farm-animal fetishes count for absolute shit, and that if they wish to become true Americans, they'll just have to assimilate and learn to have a little tolerance, otherwise, they can just GO THE FUCK HOME.

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