Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"So, How Would You Fix It, Then?"

One of the more common retorts to my caustic bullshit that finds it's way into my mailbox are of the "You know how to complain and criticize, but what would you do/suggest as a solution to the "problems" you bitch about...?" sort.

It's a fair question, and unlike The President, Nancy or Harry, I'm willing to answer all fair, and pertinent, questions -- even the ones with gratuitous insults and four-letter words in them. So, here's the bargain; I'll deign to answer your questions about just how We Might Fix Things, in great detail, and then you can decide for yourself if I'm just some loud mouth or if I'm actually on to something.

If you have a question of burning national import that you'd like to hear an opinion on, then drop an e-mail, and The Lunatic will be more than happy to give you his Psychiatrist-approved solutions, right here on this page. Our specially-trained, highly-motivated and SSRI-addicted crew of Asylum Elves are standing by to take your questions, right now!

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