Monday, April 19, 2010

Why The Liberal View of How the World Views Us, is Seriously Wrong...

I'm writing this in response to what passes for Foreign Policy in the Time of Obama. It's hard to know where, exactly, to begin. I guess I could speak to the stagnation, if not collapse, of the Old Trans-Atlantic alliances in which Obama curries the favor of France and Germany (so that they'll appear to do more in Afghanistan), but snubs Britain (who has been there since Day One, and in Iraq, too), even going as far as to send the British PM home with Consolation Prizes that wouldn't make the First-Loser's Cut on Jeopardy.

Or, I might be start with Israel, where it's apparently Obama Admin boilerplate that The Joos simply must conspire in their own demise if the so-called Peace Process isn't to be exposed as the sham that it always was. The Peace Process (or rather the Process of having a Process) has become a goal in itself. It seems that the ultimate purpose of this mystical Peace Process in the last 30 years has been more a means by which American Presidents can garner the favor of People Who Shouldn't Really Count, at the expense of The People We Can Really Count Upon. The latest brouhaha over some Israelis wanting to add second bedrooms, or perhaps redo the kitchen, is ridiculous. Especially when the Other Side in this Dispute keeps as it's base negotiating position that Israel in general, and the Jews in particular, shouldn't exist -- and they're entitled to do the exterminating as both a religious and political imperative.

How about that lovely little hatchet job the Obamatards did on Hamid Karzai? I have no love for the man, either, but he is Our Bastard Child. The Master Plan for Afghanistan seems to be something like this:

1. Talk tough in front of the Teleprompter and TV Cameras about how you're "Fightin' the Extremists".

2. Blame George Bush.

3. Apply some Rah-Rah Bullshit, mention Bin Laden a few times, and let everyone know he's still out there. And that George Bush and John McCain still haven't gotten him,

4. Ignore the requests and requirements of the Generals who will actually fight the war, send just enough troops to appear to be doing something -- but not enough to finish the job before your previously-announced, 2011 pull-out date. Launch a few missiles from some drones. Make certain you've dithered over even this watered-down strategy for six months, and claim it as an example of Obama's "superior and reasoned response to the problems of terrorism".

5 Fuck Hamid Karzai in the rear on our way out, so that once we're gone, he can have a full-fledged civil war on his hands, returning Afghanistan to it's natural, pristine state of multi-cornered, multi-ethnic fighting, with a dash of poisonous religious undertones provided by a Taliban that managed to survives all that War-on-Terror-in-Name-Only Stuff. Democracy will have been strangled in the cradle in Afghanistan (not that it would have had much of a chance to begin with), but that's okay, because you can always...

6. Blame George Bush.

As for the rest of the planet, it seems the Obamatard Foreign Policy revolves around three central tenets:

1. Apologize for being the United States, and all that entails,

2. Beg the rest of the World to Love Us. And their incentive to do so will not be because we're a beacon for Freedom, the ultimate Hope of Mankind, it'll be because we're willing to change to suit their wants and tastes.

3. Get the photos of Obama surrounded by Foreign Leaders at the Sham Summit Meeting, which results in an International Treaty that Does Nothing, but which makes him look all Presidential and Important and Relevant in that dramatic Great-Man-of-History-Way that Stalin had down to a tee.

This is wrong. Americans should never apologize, for anything, and American Presidents should not behave this way just to get their faces and exaggerated claims of their greatness into the History Books. Because, to be honest, it's not Americans who have the problem in terms of being liked and being important, it's the Rest of the World that does. Specifically, it has do with them Wanting to Be America, but failing miserably. The World has an inferiority complex; every culture, every nation, secretly longs to have what America has, to be what America IS. They may not want what we have to the same extent that we have it (granted, a 24-hr , Drive-through window at KFC, Jersey Shore and Top Chef may be going a bit too far), but they want it all the same.

I've been all over the world, traveling on vacations or business. I have been acquainted with many people from many foreign nations and cultures. They're pretty much all assholes. I'm sure they say the same thing about me. I don't claim any specific expertise on this subject, but it seems to me (I'm generalizing, yes) that We spend far too much time trying to Please and Understand Those Assholes -- as if we are somehow, mystically responsible for making "the first move" in the process of creating the Kumbaya Planet. Perhaps it's time The Other Assholes made an effort to Please and Understand US.

I don't mean to say that The Others aren't entitled to their opinions and feelings (unless they're Arabs, in which case their opinions don't count because they're prejudiced by a belief in a child-molesting murderer who says God gave his people special permission to kill, rape, rob and enslave those who don't believe in him, too), what I'm saying is that it's not necessary for us to compromise our beliefs and principles, to change who we are, just to satisfy them. Because it's often not worth the effort.

Also, because History (the very subject President Douchebag and most Liberals seem allergic to)shows that when the compromise is all one way, someone's getting screwed.

Either we are a country which honors it's founding principles by standing up for and promoting them, by finishing the tasks and challenges we set before ourselves, that is Proud of Who We Are, or we're the New Canada -- and our overarching goal is to simply be the Most Popular Girl on Campus. Not surprisingly, the Most Popular Girl On Campus often happens to be a whore who's popularity is usually based upon the fact that she will do The Things the Other Girls Won't. Her popularity is derived from her willingness to give her honor and self-respect away, often for nothing more than the appearance of being liked. She is never respected, no matter how many football players she takes on.

We are not a nation of Whores -- except for our Political Class -- and when President Bambi bows before dictators, half-heartedly fights wars he's put an expiration date on, signs meaningless scraps of paper just to give the appearance of having done something dramatic and effective, and abandons, insults and undercuts our allies -- just so our enemies might like us a little bit more -- he's doing far more damage to the United States, and imperilling our lives.

Our Enemies don't want to find reasons to Like Us; they just want us Dead. If they can't have that, they're willing to settle for the next-best-thing -- An America which will drop to it's knees and be their bitch, substituting self-worth for the appearance of approval.

I personally could give a shit if the Chinese, Russians, Iranians and Belgians approve of Me. They are cultures which are already on their way down the toilet -- between the imbalance in Chinese population caused by the One Child Policy, The State-sanctioned Criminality of Moscow, the stagnation of a culture run by Religious Fanatics with an Apocalyptic Worldview, or the declining birthrates of a Hedonistic Society which is Importing it's own Demographic Doom from amongst it's enemies -- they will not survive in their current form, and their futures are very bleak, indeed.

Why seek approval from the Doomed, the Criminal, and Impenetrably Stupid? Especially when they're marching towards the Oblivion they've created for themselves with their eyes wide open? Fuck 'em, I say. We're their ultimate salvation (and I don't mean that in the religious sense) and part of the process of making them see this is not to change in order to curry their favor; doing this simply means we're adopting their manners and customs and modes of thought -- the very things which are destroying them in the first place -- for very shallow reasons. There's no return on investment in acting that way.

President Odickhead will be very rudely reminded of that fact sometime in the near future, when all of his careful "engagement" of Iran results in a mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv, and a resurgent Taliban is shipping terrorists and Anthrax into Atlanta.

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