Sunday, May 02, 2010

Is it Any Wonder New York Is Screwed?

Because our politicians seem perfectly capable of setting up phony charities with which to steal taxpayer money, and shamelessly, too. You'll also be happy to note that the State Senator involved, Kevin Parker (D-Brooklyn), has a history of assault and battery, using what would otherwise be called "Hate Speech" if he weren't black, and apparently believes his office exists to ensure his friends get paid.

Mr. Parker is certainly not the first NY Pol to behave this way, he's only the latest to get caught. Personally, I'm amazed at the paltry sums he managed to finagle, considering what others have gotten away with in the past. Perhaps Mr. Parker was too dumb to realize he could have stolen more, or too lazy to finish the required paperwork needed to make his crime (allegedly) more remunerative.

(OMG! Did you just use the words "dumb" and "lazy" in reference to a black man? YOU RACIST!).

We should probably be thankful that Mr. Parker was caught before he figured out how to game the system properly. You know, in a way that our celebrated Assembly Speaker, Sheldon Silver does. Silver is simply the Kingpin of the Albany Criminal Crowd.

Mr. Parker is just one more representative case of what's wrong with Albany; besides being dumb and lazy, the typical denizen of the State Capital is also a greedy schmuck, a machine politician often in bed with some of the worst elements of New York society, and equipped with a lot of baggage -- we've had accused rapists, batterers, embezzlers, bag men, fixers, scofflaws, double-dippers, union hacks, and worse, marching in and out of Albany for a very long time, at all levels of government. When they aren't hiring hookers on the public dime, they're usually the pimps. "Fetid" and "incestuous" are only two of the adjectives one could use to describe our State Legislature, and you'd still be about 30 epithets short of adequately describing what happens there.

It's a pity we no longer flog wrongdoers in the Public Square.

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