Tuesday, May 04, 2010

But...But...It's the Religion of Peace!

So, it appears as if the forces of anti-terrorism have gotten their man (at least they've gotten A man) with regards to the Times Square attempted-bombing. From what I know at this point, we're dealing with a naturalized Pakistani, who tried very hard not to leave a paper trail, and went out of his way to try and hide his activities.

The three biggest breaks in this case seem to have been an alert t-shirt vendor, a bomb that didn't explode leaving evidence up-the-ying-yang to examine, and a would-be-jihadi who apparently had no intention of dying in the course of his would-be martyrdom operation, and so tried to escape. If The Other Side is now down to the Bad News Bears without the Death Wish, we're probably winning this thing -- but don't speak too soon, right?

So, "good job" FBI, NYPD and Homeland Security. Here's your well-deserved pat on the back.

Now, I'd like to smack someone in the mouth. Actually, several someones. You know who you are; You're the ones who, despite the evidence to the contrary, always insist that we "should not leap to conclusions about Islamic involvement in terrorism". Who continually remind us, in the face of the litany of car bombings, hostage-taking, honor-killing, IED's, sectarian violence, the protracted nature of the Arab-Israeli conflict, September 11th, London and Madrid Bombings, The Undibomber, amongst countless other incidents, that Islam is really a religion of peace, and that if Muslims are trying to kill Americans, it's only because we've done them wrong and should apologize...or buy them a fruit basket...or something.

Peaceful religions don't have the words (paraphrasing) "It is the duty of the faithful to kill the unbeliever..." on Page One of the Secret Handbook. Peaceful religions don't worship death, or even worse, welcome and celebrate it. The Jihadi vision of "Paradise" looks an awful lot like a fratboy's wet dream -- flowing wine, wall-to-wall-virgins with no gag reflex -- and all you have to do to get it is to blow yourself up, making sure you take as many bystanders as you can with you. A religion dedicated to peaceful co-existence with the rest of the planet doesn't tell it's young men that the path to Heaven requires a spectacular suicide.

That's not a religion of Peace. That's a Cult of Death. It's a faith born of helplessness and fear, dedicating it's energies to more of the same. An Anti-Faith. There's a reason why these people are stuck in a 7th-century mentality that prevented them from coming to terms with the Modern World ("Progress" is another enemy of the Jihadi), and which is in large part responsible for the frustration which turns them into bombers -- there is nothing in Islam that gives one a rosy vision of the future, there's no redeeming quality to the religion. It's great "strength" is to assure it's followers that once they have killed off, converted or enslaved all the Infidels, they will create an endless "Present" where tomorrow will resemble today just as much as it resembled yesterday...forever.

God has ordained what will happen, and there is nothing the faithful can do to alter that future, or to take part in it. All they're required to do is simply submit to His Will and take what He gives them.

I'm no great believer in the Invisible Man in the Sky myself, but at least Christianity and Judaism give you something to look forward to other than a steady diet of The Same Forever. In some ways, it's the duty of the Jew or Christian to champion the causes of Progress, scientific knowledge, of art and medicine, and everything else that makes us what we are, because it's also their duty to prepare the Earth for the Messiah -- either his appearance or re-appearance -- and therefore, there's at least an implied duty to strive for improvement of both human condition and our society.

Islam simply kills indiscriminately. Had that bomb gone off, it would have killed a representative cross-section of American society: the t-shirt vendor, the cop and fireman, the teacher, the teenager, a pensioner, an accountant or businessman or two, a few housewives, a host of little children, a ditch-digger, crane operator and a hockey player. It would have killed Blacks, Whites, Asians, Hispanics, and those with purple polka-dots. It would have killed or maimed Jews, Christians, Buddhists, and those who believe in the healing power of their Lucky Astrology Mood Watch, and the irony is that it's likely a Muslim or two would have been incinerated, as well. They would have died because their great sin was to be who they are (free people, enjoying the benefits of a free society) instead of being what the jihadis want them to be (dead, enslaved, dispossessed, preferably all three). That's why The Religion of Peace tries so hard, and so often, to kill people who have done them no harm whatsoever.

And the element of randomness would just have served to spread that atmosphere of fear and helplessness which Islam feeds upon. That's how Islam counts it's "victories"; how many innocent victims, fear factor, and inability of the victims to fight back. Yeah, they're real men. I'll bet none of them can get it up without an explosion. Anyways...

When Christians and Jews start parking car bombs on crowded streets, when Jews and Christians start launching unguided rockets randomly into their neighbors' gardens, when Christians and Jews start blowing themselves up on Public Transport to get attention, then the "But, it's a Religion of Peace" crowd's attempts at moral equivalence might have some merit. In light of the fact that Christians and Jews do not do these things, they should probably partake of a great big glass of Shut The Fuck Up.

Your nonsense about peaceful intentions and complaints about a whole people being tarred by the actions of a few discounts My Life Experience. Here, in my own city, I have had to dodge hijacked airliners, stay away from bridges, take caution in the subways, get off ferries because of bomb threats, evacuate buildings because of anthrax fears, pass through streets lined by machine-gun toting cops with gas masks -- and now you can't even walk the goddamned streets for fear of some religious nutcase with a death wish deciding that today is the day he gets his 72 virgins. Today might be the day he decides American society will finally pay for his inability to get the blond girls (whom the Imams have told him his entire life were immoral sluts with no shame, or standards), and get them to have scads of wild and consequence-free sex with him.

Because, frankly, this is indeed what all this Jihadi shit is about; Not Peace, but Sex. Or, rather, the lack of it. If these guys got laid more (and we're not counting each other or farm animals) they'd probably mellow out, pray a lot less, and stop crafting suicide belts. Instead, they wrap their women up in rugs, herd them like cattle and sequester them. They have arranged marriages, usually to first-cousins. These guys often become radicalized because they can't get it on, and the ones who become radicalized after being stateside or in Europe for a while, do so because they can't get the Western girls. The insult, the inferiority complex that comes with rejection from a woman whom your culture insists is an inferior being, and exists solely for your pleasure, drives them absolutely bonkers.

I'll bet that when they examine this latest asshole, they'll find a Western chick who turned him down, or laughed at his tiny tallywhacker. Betcha he also has a long list of credit card receipts from escort services. Gitmo must be full of those kinds.

Islam, and the problem of Islamic terrorism, has very little, in the final analysis, to do with Peace. It's usually about Sex and Power -- and insanity -- and the feeble attempts of the "Islam is a Peaceful religion" crowd ultimately serve as little more than another weapon in the suicidally-sexually-frustrated jihadi's arsenal. Unfortunately, those people are the ones who typically get killed last. Because they typically surrender first.

I hope those people enjoy the non-stop ass-rape they'll be getting in the world they're helping to create, in which the Religion of Peace stands triumphant and the bomb-building deviants are let loose to do their worst with the full approval of God.

In the meantime, about that War on Terror thing; it's been awfully short on War (there's still Muslims left alive, you know) and they're still exporting Terror.

Update: The first two people on the list to get the piss beat out of them shoudl be Geraldo Rivera and Mayor Micheal Bloomberg, who couldn't consider the possibility of an Islamic terorrist, and convinced that any terrorism nowadays must be connected to Tea Parties and opposition to Obama, instead decided to Blame the White Christian Heterosexual Males. for the attempted bombings before any evidence had been collected, or arrests made. Chances are good Geraldo will not apologize anytime soon. Bloomberg has already been on television this morning -- and said not a word about it.

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