Thursday, May 06, 2010

A Message to Rioting Mexicans...

No, my Mexican friends, you DON'T have the right to live off the fat of the land, free of charge , or without any responsibility for being a decent citizen. I understand that this erroneous belief is the result of decades of nonsense that La Raza and American liberals have pumped into your heads, but it's wrong. If your culture had just a little more respect for education than you do for the laws of a sovereign country, you might be able to understand how wrong it is, and you might even feel ashamed for being a parasite.

Your country (Mexico is a country? I thought it was a collection of tin shacks with a flag) lost a War that it started. It lost a War to American colonists it invited within it's own borders, because apparently native-born Mexicans couldn't make anything grow in the desert, or herd cattle properly, and then proceeded to try to steal from them (hmm, where I have heard of that dynamic at work before?). You would think that Santa Anna and the rest would have realized that Americans had a history of hating excessive, confiscatory taxation and tyranny -- and armed revolt -- and might have been more circumspect about how they treated their American guests, who just happened to be the ones who made the Mexican economy in those days hum. In fact, they gave Mexico an economy for the first time...ever.

But no -- instead, The Mexican government of the time did what every Spanish-speaking, tin-pot dictatorship established since Columbus has done, and instead of treating people humanely and with some thought as to the morality and legality of their actions, they tried to take by force what they couldn't by reason and negotiation. I guess three centuries of beating the snot out of helpless and inbred-retarded Indians becomes a hard habit to break, and you begin to view every potential enemy as a Stone-Age dumbbell who'll tremble at the sound of your guns.

The Alamo wasn't about Americans "stealing" land from Mexicans: it was about Americans defending themselves against Mexican thieves. It seems a century-and-a-half hasn't changed much, because now Arizona finds itself in the position of having to mount a defense against Mexican thieves. If you don't like being thought of as thieves, then change the perception; become citizens, or kindly go home. Instead, you take to the streets and riot, making certain you smear public buildings with re-fried-bean swastikas. I'd ask what you were thinking, but it's apparent that thinking is nowhere to be found on your side of this debate. Yes, activities like that will certainly endear you to the American people and give a strong moral underpinning to your cause, for sure.

In any case, you Lost The War. The Price of that Defeat was the loss of the Southwest, Texas and California. A few years later, Mexico actually sold more land in Arizona and New Mexico to the United States. This is known as the Gadsen Purchase. Imagine that: we actually paid Mexico for land! Not stolen, not taken by right of conquest, but bought for cash! And yet, somehow, Mexicans have evolved this strange mental defect that says because their nation was defeated, and then sold us more land, that they're "entitled" to steal from Americans? Tell you what; if you want the land back, then gather your army (you know, the one that's always shooting at American Border Patrol Agents, when it isn't aiding the Drug Runners and Human Smugglers?), and let's have at it.

I can promise you that you'll lose again.

Now, I like Mexicans -- the few I actually know personally -- but I hate the rest of you, because you're under the mistaken impression that I owe you something. In this belief, you're worse than African-Americans who believe they're owed something by virtue of being alive (despite the best efforts of White Feminists to encourage African-American Women to make lavish use of their Right to "Choice", black children are still being born).We already have one permanent underclass in this country -- the feminists and libtards who couldn't get the black kids aborted are ensuring the ones who survive infancy are kept as stupid and dependant as possible -- and we can't afford another. Although I will admit that Mexicans at least show a willingness to work for a living, that's not enough. They also show an incredible aptitude for avoiding any of the responsibilities of respecting private property, not pissing in the streets, and skipping income taxes.

In the meantime, American Citizens, expect to see more stories in the news along these lines:
American schoolchildren sent home for wearing US Flag t-shirts on Cinco de Mayo.

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