Saturday, May 08, 2010

"American Islamophobia" Exists Only in Our "Elites"...

And in the strictest sense of the word, it best describes how frightened the so-called Elites are of excitable young men with a penchant for explosive underpants. They truly do, I think, fear Muslims to the point where they'd like to believe being the first to surrender will somehow save their lives, or maybe entitle them to some sort of "privileged" Dhimmitude status when Sharia is finally enacted on this side of the Atlantic.

Just a thought, but wouldn't it be great if every time a Mayor Bloomberg, or a Contessa Brewer (MSNBC anchor) opens their filthy, little pie holes to either assure everyone that the hastily-constructed, Rube-Goldberg-like pile of unexploded ordnance left on a busy city street probably belongs to an Obama-hating Klansman, or to cry that her greatest disappointment in life is that the latest Islamic would-be killer isn't a White Christian Hetero Male, I would suggest that we send the first to the front lines of Afghanistan (alas, our Mayor won't go of his own accord, since there's no Beluga in the standard MRE), and the other should be forced to wear a burkha with the words "Kick Me!" emblazoned on the back, and let loose in downtown Tehran.

Then we'd see if their attitudes and beliefs changed significantly for the experience. I rather doubt they would, if only because experience has convinced me that, sans a vaccine for Stupid, some people are simply unteachable.

Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano, our erstwhile "defenders", also suffer from this disease (symptoms: inability to identify the enemy, or face/tell the truth), only their brand of delusion goes much deeper because they imagine themselves to be more "Elite" than most. That's another symptom of the disease, you see. To prick their balloons of self-importance: Holder simply fills the PC-requirement that a "Person of Color" be head of the (in-)Justice Department, and Napolitano is the Token Butch-but-Irish-Setter-Stupid-Bull-Dyke that every democratic administration apparently must have. Nothing in that ridiculously short list of poliically-motivated qualifications says anything about competence and intelligence, assuming that anyone selected on that basis probably has none. Neither could defend a cookie jar from an attack by a determined 4-year-old, let alone defend a country against a determined enemy that they refuse to recognize.

We're fucked when our elected officials and members of the media are unwilling to tell the truth about either that which it is impossible to deny, or about their own motivations. Fortunately, these problems will soon be solved: Bloomberg's term will eventually expire, The Obama Administration will be sent packing after a single term, and MSNBC will soon be off the air due to lack of viewers.

Mark Steyn comments of the left-wing delusion of Islamophobia.

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