Friday, July 02, 2010

Recovery Summer, Part II...

Sec. of State Hitlery says the U.S. should emulate Brazil, and raise taxes on everything and everyone, but especially -- "the rich"-- to astronomical levels, because, well....Brazil did it, and they're "growing like crazy!"

Of course, she fails to notice that Brazil is mostly a shithole, except for the places where the really smart set goes. That's the thing about these "amazing" economic miracles (Brazil, China, Indonesia, India); there's lots of glitter and lights, but it somehow manages to escape the VIP's attention that the rest of the country lives in cardboard boxes, eats grubs and lives up to it's waist in shit. Brazil is "growing like crazy" because most of the country is so fucking poor and underdeveloped, that in most areas, the installation of a pay phone or a vending machine represents 1,000% economic growth. In other words -- there was no place to go but UP. The numbers don't tell the entire story; even with this wildfire growth, maybe half the people in Sao Paulo alone will probably go to bed hungry tonight -- still.

The same argument is made about wildcat Chinese economic growth, but again, the story is the same: 7/8 of China still lives in the same grinding conditions of poverty that would be all-to-familiar to the truly poor, starving and dying-of-malaria all over the planet. The Big Cities may be showing the signs of new commerce; McDonald's, a Citibank branch, The Gap, skyscrapers-going-up-to-house-mostly-foreign-companies, but the vast hinterland hasn't advanced an inch in 50, or even, 100 years.

Now, mind you, the Hildebeest is supposed to be The Smartest Woman in the World, but it's statements like this that make you want to saw the top of her head off just see if there's anything between those ears. Or, maybe she was just playing politics, and making the disingenuous case for those who can't think without help that if you look at Brazil and see rising tax rates on "the Rich", and a booming economy, it validates everything Barack Oshithead is long as you avoid asking the obvious questions.

Here's what Her Heinous' case runs up against;

* While the Unemployment rate is "Officially" 9.7%....unofficially, it's closer to 17%.

* The Vice President of the United States can feel totally unashamed -- and curiously unconcerned about his personal safety -- and admit that 8,000,000 lost jobs are "never coming back".

* The President of the United States promises to "create or save" 3,000,000 jobs..and loses an additional 5,000,000 million in just under two years. He's nearly-nationalized the banks/brokerage houses, berates and threatens them with new taxes and regulations on a daily basis, forces them to re-write millions of mortgages for bad credit risks, castigates them in every speech making them out to be the biggest evil since The Huns....and then wants to know why no one is lending money and there's a Credit Crisis. That's AFTER he's already taken $787 billion out of the credit markets with a"Stimulus" which hasn't worked, "Reformed" the financial markets in Hitlerian fashion, and is talking about making Energy unaffordable with a Cap-and-Trade bill. All of that's even before we get to the VAT taxes necessary to pay for "Healthcare reform"...which now turns out to be more expensive than anyone ever imagined, and can't ever be paid for.

* The National Debt stands at nearly $13 trillion dollars -- before interest. This is almost equal to all American economic output for one calendar year. With interest payments, we're looking at debt in the hundreds of trillions if Obama gets his way on a long list of democratic "priorities".

The point is this: at this rate, there won't be ANYONE left to tax, let alone The Rich.

The Smartest Woman in the World is a lying dipshit who should get her fat, lying ass back in the kitchen. If there's anyone who should be wrapped in a burqua and beaten daily, it's Hillary Clinton, for sure. Especially when she makes asinine remarks about taxing other people (because I have every confidence that multi-millionaire Clintons will somehow mysteriously manage to skate on most of the taxes they advocate for others. It's funny how that happens, isn't it?).

I can promise you that while she stands before cameras and says this shit in order to seem "a team player", the woman is sharpening her knife(and fangs) as we speak. Barack Obama, you is about to get Arkancided come 2012...assuming you don't find yourself lying in state before then.

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