Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I Believe They Call it "Having Balls"...

This past week on My Island, a young Mexican man was subjected to a beating at the hands of four or five...ahem...Urban Youths, who shouted racial slurs, and robbed him of $10. It was, we're told, just the latest in a series of such attacks against Mexicans in recent months.

According to the local papers, the people in the neighborhood were, naturally, saddened and shocked...shocked...that such a terrible thing could happen in their neighborhood -- people who live in borderline-slums are somehow always shocked...go figure -- despite the fact that the neighborhood is often crawling with gun-toting, drug-dealing, gang-banging...ahem...Urban Youths...with little education, guidance from adults, or brains. The few whites who still live in Port Richmond are the last holdouts; like at Fort Apache. They are mostly working-class, or retired, who have been in the neighborhood for generations, or have no place else to go, and who remember a more romantic past before demographics and economics changed reality, but stay in the expectation that things will magically return to 1955 -- if you just wait around long enough.

The few remaining whites in Port Richmond should stop living in the past and take a good look around them; they couldn't get any more Third World if they had been dropped bodily in Zimbabwe. I'm surprised that most of them haven't realized they're basically one flush-toilet away from Bangladesh in some of these neighborhoods....except with aluminum siding.

By all accounts, the victim is a fucking saint. Described as a "good kid", "hard worker", and a student, who naturally, volunteered all his spare time with a local church anti-bias youth group. His immigration status is never mentioned --nor even hinted at -- in any news report. We're told that he wouldn't hurt a fly. Some in the...err...Recipient Class have already repeated the tired mantra that The Diversity are incapable of racism because they "have no political or economic power".

Yeah, Barack Obama is still pushing that one, too, and it still doesn't make any sense.

Maybe you have no Power because those who were supposed to even the playing field are now busy being investigated for all sorts of Ethics Violations, and potential criminal wrongdoing -- and you know who you are Charlies Rangel, Maxine Waters, Gregory Meeks, and Jesse Jackson Jr, amongst others. But that's a whole 'nother can o' worms.

What has really upset people in these parts was not so much that a bias crime took place against a minority that, if you believe the Mainstream Media, is suffering under a new-fangled Tea-Party-imposed Fourth Reich; the problem for most has been the response -- many would say, over-reaction -- of the so-called authorities.

The NYPD arrived on the scene of the attack in force. The NYPD has stayed in the neighborhood, in large numbers, even posting guards on the victim's home, and erecting portable watchtowers on his block. In effect, basically fortifying the street against another wave of knuckle-headed Urban Youth looking to put an ass-whippin' on another Mexican Boy. The only things missing are the bastions, barbed wire and the minefields.

The NYPD is great, the best there are, and make no mistake about it, but in these parts you don't get more than two cops to show up in the same place, at the same time, unless one of them has been shot, or Dunkin' Donuts just got the new batch of Boston Cremes out of the oven. To have a small army of police show up for what is, basically, a $10 mugging, smells of politics. To have them stay to guard the victim of a $10 mugging is nothing BUT politics.

But, just in case you thought the over-reaction couldn't get any worse, there's more. Courtesy, not of Der Fuhrer, Mayor Micheal Bloomberg, but of the the Mexican Government.

The Mexican Government has sent a representative to help the NYPD "co-ordinate" it's efforts to prevent bias crimes against it's citizens, and to encourage Mexican Nationals to come forward to report all manner of bias, be it real, imagined, or ginned-up for the purposes of extorting money and benefits from the City Government, and by extension, the U.S. Government. It should only be a day or two before Mexican Nationals living in the United States illegally will be complaining that the City of Nueva Jork doesn't provide enough food stamps to properly feed a "family" of 13 young men living on a pile of mattresses in an illegal basement rental. I can't wait until the Mexican Government "suggests" that Staten Island is a sink of racism, and that the remedy should be blanket Amnesty throughout the United States.

Naturally, the question "If the Mexican Government really cares that much about these people, then why are they HERE and not IN MEXICO?" has not been asked by any of our crackerjack press outlets or elected officials, who are apparently appalled at the shoddy treatment afforded the victim of an every-day street crime at the hands of a professional criminal class living on the government-and-media maintained mental Plantation. Talk about cojones? I'm wondering if the Mexican Government would allow the United States to set up a similar advocate for Americans living illegally in Mexico? I'm guessing the answer to that is not only "NO", but "FUCK NO", and besides, Mexico doesn't even have FOOD, let alone Food Stamps. It should maybe be noted that both the victim and his assailants are most likely living, in part, on some form of public assistance, and the significance of this will -- naturally -- be totally and completely missed by the politicos and fart-sniffing-lefties who -- they think -- run this city.

They're wrong; they don't run it at all. The Inmates Run the Asylum here, and this incident is just one more bit of evidence, in case you may have thought otherwise.

If a White Guy had been robbed of $10 by a bunch of Bubblegum Ganstas, beaten and called "Devil", a cop might have shown up within the hour to take a statement, tell you "There's not much we can do..." and ask you if you wanted some medical treatment, and that would have been the end of it. The Newspapers would not be interested, and despite what some might say, the cops wouldn't occupy the neighborhood looking for the assailants, nor guarding anyone's home as if it were Fort Fucking Knox.

And isn't it amazing that when -- for the first time in a very long time -- when there is perhaps a genuine incident of bias, the Reverend Al, Charles Baron, and all the rest of the race-baiting-do-nothing "Civil Rights" douchebags in this city are curiously silent, because the perpetrators are BLACK. Frankly, I'm glad they're silent because nothing they have to say benefits anyone. I'm sure once someone points out the hypocrisy publicly to the Rev, there will be some slapdash-thrown-together-at-the-last-minute "Peace Vigil", where the second-tier race baiters -- Black and Hispanic with an ultra-libtard token White Guy added for appearance's sake -- will sing Kumbaya, light candles, chant "Stop the Hate", and pose for the cameras. And it'll all be forgotten the following day for the sham that it all was, but Al can still say "I led a vigil against racism...".

I have been incredibly harsh on illegal immigrants in this space, and I shan't apologize for it. Fuck 'em; they don't belong here. Rather than see them beaten up and robbed of petty cash in the streets, though, I'd prefer they were all rounded up and sent back where they came from, and barring that, that some be shot at the border to discourage the greater mass. I'm also harsh on the Urban Aborigines, because, well, Fuck them, too. Slavery was abolished, you can fucking vote now, you can date white women without getting lynched, and half your "families" of seven-children-by-five-baby-daddies-who-won't-pay-child-support/are-in-jail live on the Public Tit, and in return all that comes back from that "investment" is crime, crumbling neighborhoods, failing schools, drug and child abuse, crowded jails, and packs of trigger-happy wild animals roaming the streets in baggy pants and dreadlocks playing Gangbanger.

These views will, in most "polite" quarters, get me branded as a "racist". Ask me if I give a shit. It's not racism if it happens to be true. To that squishy touchy-feely irrationally-guilty brand of libtard who throws that term around so freely, what really matters is not the thought (after all, they think it, too!) but that you had the "bad taste" to tell the truth publicly about a volatile sub-class that might pitch a riot. Riots are unseemly, and disrupt the supply of Brie and Chardonnay, and the fact that you are right about that Sub-Class only denies the Libtard the opportunity to lecture you in that condescending tone, in full I-look-down-my-nose-at-you mode. All a libtard ever really wants is to feel superior to you, even if he has to take up a position which makes him appear to be a complete idiot....and Chardonnay. But, I digress; back to the subject at hand.

I'm reminded of something that Kathy Shaidle at Five Feet of Fury often says (paraphrased):

"If only we'd just picked our own cotton..."

We can now add "Lettuce" to the list, too, I guess.

Maybe if more people faced the truth, a $10 mugging would not have become an international incident, and we wouldn't have yet one more piece of evidence to show the NAACP that the majority of racism these days comes from it's own people. Fuck, if people told the truth more often, there might not have been any $10 mugging of a Mexican with an ambiguous-immigration-status at all, and the NAACP might even cease to exist.

As of this morning, the police have arrested one of the alleged assailants, a15-year old boy. It is simply a matter of time before the kid talks. No matter how tough he thinks he might be, 15-year-olds are generally pussies when they don't have a posse behind them. Within a few hours, even the Staten Island cops (this is the borough where the NYPD sends those about-to-retire, or the borderline fuck-ups) will have the bulk, if not all, of the remaining assailants. All will be processed by the Criminal Justice System (such as it is)...and probably released on bail; it's only $10 and a black eye, for Chrissakes -- and they need the space in Sing-Sing for Charlie Rangel.

If the Mexican Government really wants to be useful here, and if it really cares that much about it's own citizens, then here's the opportunity; they can offer to pay the victim's freight back to whatever Mexican shithole he crawled out of, and they can offer to prosecute the assailants in Mexican courts and house them in Mexican jails. Otherwise, the Mexican Government should Shut the Fuck Up and guard it's own side of the fucking fence,and pay as much attention to the goings on in their own Country as they do to those in this Country. If I were the Mayor of New York City, and not the current Libtard-republican-by-virtue-of-it-being-the-cheapest-label-to-buy-effete-Patrician-Upper-East-Side bourgeois- pretentious-regal-douchebag Bloomberg, instead of sending the cops to guard The Victim's house, I'd send them to ask for his fucking Green Card.

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