Friday, August 06, 2010

Of Chimps and Pens...

I was recently reminded of an old saw that goes something like this: if you were to try to teach a chimp to write, there is an infinitely small chance that he might just happen to learn the skills required. However, he's much more likely to just stick the pen in your eye.

The reason this came to mind was what's coming to be called the Obama Apology tour.

Muslims live in the past because that's the only time they ever actually mattered. Their future, such as it is, appears exceedingly bleak; in the near future, most Muslims will be young --below the 16-20 age range -- unemployed or unemployable. Most will be illiterate, and living in countries where conflict is endemic, sanitation is an unknown concept, medicine nonexistent, education undervalued or unavailable, and food is in short supply.

In the West, Muslims will rapidly (if they aren't already) make themselves unwelcome as the economic crisis deepens. French farmers, Greek Trade Unionists, German public workers, will all wonder if it's really worth the trouble of giving Achmed a visa, and putting his three wives on the welfare rolls, having to deal with the problems inherent in dual systems of justice, or having minarets that are taller than the Eiffel marring the city skyline. The Continent that welcomed the Turk, Moroccan and Palestinian to take advantage of their cheap labor, will soon ask Mohammed to leave. But Mo ain't goin' nowhere; he likey the Western Welfare state too much, and he's willin' to fight to keep this gravy train a'rollin'. Besides, he's got nothing to go back to.

We'll soon see if modern Europeans have the stomach for a fight, like their German, French, Polish, Italian, Greek,Czech and British forebears did. In any case, Mo knows this is coming, too, and he fights back with the only weapons he has left: preying upon the guilt of irrationally guilty Western liberals... and Crazy.

The Koran tells the faithful that the future is pre-ordained; that they will win, and the whole world will bow to a stupid black rock in the middle of the desert. God said that was how it will happen, the only question is when it will happen. If you were to take a look at the Modern Muslim, the answer you would expect would be "never". These are people who fuck farm animals and eat them -- andhave developed an entire etiquette about the process. They whine incessantly about how great their culture ONCE was, and consider Suicide Bomber to be a great career choice for any young, enterprising chap with dedication and a work ethic. And if you don't want to major in KABOOM in school, you can always escape to the West...and live on welfare.

I think some in the Muslim World, the really smart ones who get others to blow themselves up for the cause, know this. I think they have known it for a very long time. Islam is like a Seinfeld religion; ultimately, it's all about nothing. Because if the Islamonazis ever succeeded, all the treasures they hope to acquire for themselves -- the plentiful manufactures of the West -- require something Islam cannot abide: Freedom.

Freedom to think, to experiment, to question authority. No progress is ever made without someone first asking the question "Why?". In the Islamic system, those who create or have created -- the Free -- become slaves. As soon as that freedom is lost, the society and the economic cornucopia that society produces, will vanish, and Muslims, who are conditioned by religious tradition and nomadic culture to be intellectually incurious, to never question authority, to never believe that Man can discern the ways of God in Nature, will have lost everything they worked so hard to steal. It will crumble beneath their feet. They do not have the knowledge, the will, the drive, the scientific and mechanical acumen, to build and maintain the modern world for themselves; it's why they need us in chains.

Everyting that makes modern life bearable and possible was most likely invented by a Western Man. The only patents the Middle East ever held for anything were for Syphilis and the Suicide Belt.

It's also why they do what they do: bombs office buildings, build Victory Mosques on the site of tragedies, attack and kill Christian and Jew (although if they do that, who's gonna do their taxes fix their catalytic converter, or keep the toilets working?); the act of destruction is, on some level, a tacit admission that Islam cannot hope to match the West, and so the West must be pulled down, bit-by-bit. It's institutions must be attacked, it's society perverted, it's laws twisted, it's sense of fairness turned against it, and just to make sure, it's people terrorized, property threatened, and liberties curbed. That the Infidel Puking Dog often does these things better than the Islamic Suicide Nut, is something the boys back in the caves get a big kick out of. In the meantime, most of the"radicalized" Western bomber types, are typically losers who's biggest complaints in life are that ShopRite doesn't carry halal hemorrhoid cream, and the blond-haired-blue-eyed chicks won't fuck 'em. They crave the blond chicks, you know. Ooops,lost my place...

Since Islam cannot match the level of the West, then the West must be brought down to Islam's level. That's the thought behind Islamofascism, and since it is a thought most deeply held by the most disaffected and insane of a incredibly inept people (We're dumb-asses who couldn't organize a gang-bang at Hedonism! We're such doofuses we think a grisly Death is preferable to Life! We're such fuck-ups that we can't even get a black substance that naturally percolates upwards on it's own out of the ground without Western money and expertise!), it's seen as a base Negative. There must be a Positive to balance this out, or the people will lose faith and Allah's prophecy will come to nothing.

Yeah, that strategy worked for the Soviet Union, too.

So Islam lives in the past. Still. Those were the Glory Days, when the call to prayer could be heard from the Russian Steppes to the Ganges, from the borders of China to the Atlantic. A time when men were men, and sheep were in danger (come to think of it, sheep still are in danger); a time when Islam stormed the gates of Vienna with cannon and thousands of horsemen...not work visas, and food stamps. It evokes this magnificent, stolen, past and claims it will be the Shining Future. The Greeks, Indians, Romans, Byzantines, Egyptians, Carthaginians, Persians, Assyrians, were all builders, all creators; Islam is a culture of theives, bullies and squatters who live in the reflected glow of their cultural betters. That's what they're offering the Faithful: a world of delights and plenty, stolen from Others, produced and maintained by Others, an Eternal Present which has no Future...or at least remains an eternal present until things start breaking, and there's no one around to fix it for them.

This is the Future Ordained By God?

The Dream of World Domination with hot-and-cold-running-camel-fucking is merely their Ultimate Goal, but the vehicle which carries them there is pure Spite. It's the seething, petty jealousy that understandibly burns within a man who is called a fuck-up to his face, and deep in his heart knows this to be true. It's hate flavored with Shame. That sort of man is easily provoked to violence, and no amount of begging will prevent that violence from occurring whenever some douchebag with a too-tight towel around his head decides toopen a fresh can o' Whoop Ass. We can hope that the Muslim world will finally get around to engaging in a "meaningful dialogue" with us, as the Obamatards like to say, but that requirees thatthey make the great leap out of the 7th century, and then learn to wash. In the meantime, the official Presidential Ass-kisser to the Muslim Chimps just got the pen jammed right up his ass...sideways.

And that was more than likely to be the result before any of it ever started. I don't blame the Obamatards for trying, but surely they couldn't be surprised at the reaction they got. If they were, someone at the White House needs a 48-hour enema.

UPDATE: Apparently, this jihad shit is all about The Clitoris. The Pussies are afraid of Pussy. Go figure. Maybe if we gave them boys some Viagra and taught 'em how to find the G-spot, we could leave Afghanistan.

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