Friday, August 06, 2010

In Case You Wondered Why...

... this woman shouldn't be taken seriously..and why is she on vacation again? Hasn't she already been on vacation, like, eighteen times this year?

...The Inner City is STILL the Inner City. Look who runs for office there, and what their qualifications are.

...soon, no one with half a brain will ever believe another accusation of racism, even if the White Sheets and Burning Cross were caught on videotape. And even then, you'd probably ask for context before you called it"real" racism. Like in this case. Or maybe we could just start putting the real racists in jail and put an end to their stupidity ?

...why people of a certain skin tone seem unable to run countries as well as they run their criminal enterprises.

...the Legacy of Slavery is somehow responsible for someone not floating long enough to be rescued.

...people who claim to "Fight for the Poor" are being investigated for their $1 million dollar
investment in a bank, and allegedly using their political office for personal gain.

...this woman isn't in jail, after arranging a $47 million dollar scam...

Say,anyone notice anything funny about all of these items?

Hey, I guess that by now we're way past the idea that only Whitey has the power, money and connections to be racist and corrupt, right?

(Hat Tip to JammieWearingFool,, Five Feet of Fury, Small, Dead Animals)

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