Monday, March 07, 2011

From the Religion of Stupid Files...

For all of you still under the impression that Islam is simply a misunderstood and peaceful religion, I bring you:


When someone in Egypt says they're burning with desire, they really, really mean it, don't they? What is so sad about this story is that a simple love affair devolved into a series of murders and arson. Does that sound very peaceful to you?

It's also really good to see that all those newly-anointed (by the Media and White House, oh sorry: that's redundant) peaceful, Egyptian democrats can all get along and respect one another in their newly-liberated, democratic, pluralistic society now that Good Ol' Hosni is no more, huh?

It's a good thing they had a "Reconciliation Meeting'.

Meanwhile, In Saudi Arabia, the very cockpit of Middle Eastern democratic tradition, the government has declared that protests against the government are contrary to Sharia Law and the so-called 'values' of Saudi society, such as it is. This edict was issued in response to a planned protest in which citizens of Saudi Arabia were simply asking if the King couldn't find his way clear to transforming the country into a Constitutional Monarchy. Remind me again how and why American soldiers are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan to 'bring democracy to the Muslim world'?

And just in case that none-too-thinly-veiled threat doesn't get through, the Saudi Kingdom is ensuring that it will at least have enough soldiers to prevent an Egypt-style demonstration in the Shia provinces bordering near-riot Bahrain from getting too far out of hand. Nothing says "it's for your own good" than a phalanx of men with automatic weapons who have probably already been encouraged to not be too stingy with the ammo.

Now, on the off-chance that you were beginning to think that all Muzzies were Looney Tunes, we're told that a group that was to give Khadaffi's son a peace prize was discover -- unbeknownst to them, because he had them all fooled -- just what a douchebag he is, and tonight is breathing a heavy sigh of relief that they managed to pull the plug on this nonsense before the ward was actually handed out. Why, just imagine the embarrassment that might have ensued...

However, you do have to be fair, and give credit where credit is due; Colonel Goofball''s son did try his mightiest to release a gaggle Belgian nurses arrested in Libya on charges of deliberately infecting children with AIDS. All the really good-hearted dictator's sons do their damnedest to ensure that people arrested on preposterous charges get the very best that Libyan justice can contrive.

Relieved at having avoided the painful embarrassment of almost giving a peace award to a murderer's son, the Towelhead prize-giving group in question issued this statement:

The Islamic Friendship Association is yet to confer the prize on a new recipient, which is awarded for those who help resolve conflict through dialogue.

Which probably means that no one in Egypt is probably going to win anything anytime soon.

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