Thursday, March 10, 2011

Observations on the King Hearings...

Took me a while to actually figure out what to say after that tour-de-force of utter bullshit that ate up my morning and early afternoon. I watched the hearings from start to end, except for that one-hour gap where I took a dump; the whole thing was such a crock that I felt full of shit, too.

The best part of those hearings (not to make out as if it was entertainment) were the non-congressional witnesses who actually had something to say. More on them in a moment.

I was, once again, struck by the complete vapidity of your average Congressperson. If ever you found yourself wondering just how it was that the greatest nation in the history of mankind came to be slowly circling the bowl at the very pinnacle of it's technological development, I recommend that you tune into a Congressional Hearing. Within thirty seconds, you'll get the answer to that question, and if you stick around longer you will get the answer to just how it all degenerated so quickly; we elect complete morons to take care of our business, and misspend our tax dollars.

Which begs another question. Who is the bigger moron; the Real Doofus, or the one who votes for him? When I consider the Rogues Gallery of Dim Bulbs on that dais today, it would seem that We the People are probably, on average, dumber than dogshit. It's the only possible way Sheila Jackson-Lee could have been elected to anything.

Anyhow, I wonder why it is that no politician today can manage to say anything, or even to get a question out, without first reciting his/her resume and gushing about that latest load of horsecrap (so-called 'legislation') that will cost us all more, do absolutely nothing, and probably take away even more of our liberties? Considering the performance of Congress over the last 12 years, I should think the LAST thing you want to do is brag about anything you've done. That'll get you shot in some parts of Arizona, you know.

Since we're on the subject of the dull-witted personalities that make up our Congress, let's have a few choice words for some of the biggest dipshits on display:

* Congressman King: When you have a record of defending and supporting the IRA, you should be the LAST person to hold a Congressional Hearing on Terrorism and it's causes. Now, to be fair to Congressman King, his district is made up largely of drunken, unionized wifebeaters (i.e. the Irish) and of course, he wouldn't have been elected had he not kissed their Kelly-Green Asses. That's just the deck he was dealt. As far as the hearings are concerned, despite the record of the man presiding over them, they still need to be held. If there was anything that leaped out at you today, it was that 10 years after 9/11 there are people who are afraid to face the truth, still haven't gotten that the Jihadis are at war with us whether we like it or not, and need to be spoonfed facts because otherwise they'd continue to go through life pig-ignorant and collecting a Congressional paycheck.

Oh, and Congressman? Please do something about those eyebrows; you frightened my dog. And I don't even have one.

* Congressman Ellison: the First Muslim Member of Congress, and third-runner-up in the Malcolm X Wanna-be contest. Ellison has a vested interest in stopping these hearings because while he rails against the 'un-American' concept of 'guilt-by-association' (yeah? tell that to a Sicilian, a Tea Partier or a Conservative), he's obviously afraid to tell the truth about what's in Mo's Little Black Book (I've read it; it's basically a permission slip to do your worst, provided you do it to a non-Muslim), and thus, possibly lose his job.

By the way, the crying was a great bit of political theatre, but unfortunately, it only works for John Boehner. I saw that cry coming three minutes before the first tear even fell. By the way, there's an old rule in acting that states it's bad form to 'telegraph' your next emotion. Otherwise, you had nothing to say and wasted about 20 minutes worth of the public's airwaves.

Oh, one more thing, Mr. Ellison: we live in the age of Google. If you're going to tell stories about brave and much-maligned Muslims who gave their lives on 9/11, and who have been the 'victims' of anti-Muslim bias, you could at least make an effort to unsure that they actually a) existed, and b) you knew them. Within 5 minutes of your testimony, people were already fact-checking you online, Stupid! (not me though. I assume that anytime a democrat is speaking he's taking liberties with the truth)

* Congressbeast Jackson-Lee: there was only one reason for Sheila Jackson-Lee to be there, other than the sheer coincidence that she happens to be on the committee; to get her fat, ugly mug on TV and go through the same two-syllable posturing she's so rightly famous for. Which is why King wouldn't let any Congresscritter read an opening statement. There wasn't much time, and there was much to cover, and listening to Jacskon-Lee mangle the language while she tries to complete a sentence was just a waste of time.

* Congresswoman Sanchez: Listening to her, I was reminded of an old semi-scientific question I used to ask myself: If you left a glass of sour milk on a bright, sunny windowsill for 5-and-a-half-million years, would it eventually evolve ears, eyes and a mouth? The answer, apparently, is YES. However, I would think the glass of milk still has more raw intelligence.

* Congressman Wolf: apparently had nothing more to say than "Islam is bad" (no shit?) and then nothing to offer besides the usual crapspeak about how he's 'dealing' with the problem by 'sponsoring' this law, or 'advocating' for three-dozen new bureaucracies that'll just make it more difficult to determine who's responsible for the next disaster, and ensure that no matter how massive the mushroom cloud, no matter how many people have died, not one fucking person who works for the government will ever be fired for gross incompetence. And he calls himself a republican?

* Congressman Cravaak: proved an idea I've always had; that people named 'Chip' are probably the biggest douchebags on Planet Earth. Apparently, I have made a mistake in leaving Minnesota off the 'Worst Congressional Delegation' List because in addition to Ellison (see above) and Al Franken, they also elected this idiot, who was so busy trying to seem cool (saying 'Semper Fi' to a witness, and letting everyone know he was an old Navy Man, himself) that he could only manage three words afterwards: Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood, and none of them in any intelligible context.

* John Dingle: Should change his name to 'Dingleberry', because it fits. I know he made some noises -- because there was a microphone to capture and amplify them -- I'm just not sure were speech, and there was some question as to whether they originated in his oral, or anal, cavity. Probably the latter, as it's well-known that Dingle is an old pro at talking out of his ass.

* Congresswoman Speier: the Queen of the Ball, so far as I'm concerned. She took the Grand Prize for the most obtuse, conceited, dismissive, unreal line of questioning which only confirmed for all who did not know it before: this woman hasn't got the same sense God gave an Irish Setter. An original thought and a cold drink of water might actually kill her.

Somewhere, there must be some KGB-style organization still working overtime to supply America with idiots (I think we call them 'Public Schools' and 'College'). Somehow, these people manage to get themselves elected, repeatedly, which leads me to believe that the first part of the Old Soviet plan to destroy America from within went something like this:

a) Create millions of stupid people, just like Congresswoman Speier, and flood the gene pool with them.

b)'Educate' them in the Public Schools, run by the bastard children of Lenin, the Unionized Teacher.

c) Polish them up to a high-gloss finish in the University, where they finally meet their KGB handlers (Professors) and are given their mission to ensure the democratic party is constantly supplied with voters, journalists, and candidates, and none of them espousing anything like a bright idea.

It's because of Congresswoman Speier that we were treated to the only noteworthy quote of the day. When questioning the witnesses before Congress about their 'expertise' in the field of Islamic Radicalization with an intent to demean them and diminish their testimony, one of those witnesses, Mr. Melvin Bledsoe (who's son was radicalized in Yemen, and later returned to shoot up a Little Rock Army Recruiting Station) responded (paraphrasing) "what qualifications do you have to be a Congresswoman?"

Another witness, a Mr. Jasser, summed up the whole problem with Radical Islam very nicely, and succinctly, and because he's so fucking right he's going to be ignored by one side, and demonized by the other. Mr. Jasser's contribution was to speak the unspeakable (i.e., the truth). It goes some thing like this:

There are terrorists in the world. A good number of them are Muslims. And a certain percentage of those are Muslims being radicalized in the United States, right in their own mosques. The problem cannot be solved by Congress, because it is a CULTURAL ISSUE which lies embedded deep in the Islamic bedrock. Unless Muslims themselves correct this issue (he called it a 'Reformation', hallelujah!) we're going to be dodging airliners, IED's and Dirty Bombs for a very long time to come.

Mr. Jasser made another important point: it's time to stop playing defense. Trying to soothe Muslim sensibilities, constantly trying to prove that we're not a bigoted country, to avoid telling the truth because it might hurt someone's feelings, are playing directly into the hands of the Islamic terrorists. It's time to make a stand for Liberal Democracy, and start demanding that people assimilate.

The last interesting witness, and I call him interesting because he was yet another fountain of obvious multicultural bromides,and I was able to sing along at home, was Sheriff Lee Baca, of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's department. His argument against holding the hearings at all was that doing so created an atmosphere of mistrust which would prevent Sheriff Baca from doing his job.

If I'm not mistaken, this is the same excuse Law Enforcement in California (and New York, to be fair) makes so as to not have to enforce Immigration Laws, too. If that man was my Sheriff, I'd vote for someone else next time. It' so obvious that his resistance to these hearings is based upon the 'slippery slope' theory; if you investigate Muslims today, next thing you know, you'll be investigating Blacks and Latinos tomorrow. And Lord knows, no one wants to know what really goes on in minority communities, because then someone might actually demand that the Los Angeles County Sheriff leave his office and go do his job, and start to wonder what that load of dryer lint called 'Congressman' actually does for a living.

All-in-all, this was at least a good beginning to start giving some thought as to why people want to blow themselves up for Allah, but considering the number of ass-scratching doofuses on display today, I have this feeling that we're never going to truly get to the bottom of it all because the democratic party advertised it's allergy to the truth. More on this in the next post.


firefox074 said...

very well spoken. informative and yes, all true statements. what do you think the first thing we can do to get things in the right direction may be?

Matthew said...

First, tell the truth about the Enemy. Stop with the political correctness. The Other Side has already announced their intent, and they have already shown us what they are prepared to do. Peoplelike this are notlikely to surrender because we've built them a school and wired their homes for cable TV.

Stop this nonsensical idea that we can fight a war against "Islamic Extremism" without fighting against Islam. The two are inextricably linked. Andmuch like the Japanese Mi9litarists or the Nazi, the only way to totally defeat them is to show them their system of life cannot possibly comepete against ours, in every conceivable way. That includes a dmeonstration that whatever force they can muster,nomatter how ruthlessly applied, will always be met with greater and more-ruthlessly applied force.

This is, after all, WAR.

Next, the greater mass of the American public is ignorant about the nature of this Enemy, and they're not inclined to educate themselves. Nor are they encouraged to do so. Instead, they've been programmed to get felt up at the airport and to give a blood sample to renew a driver's license in the name of "security".

Next step, is to start profiling. At any other time, except when it's politically inconvenient, profiling is simply known as "the cops doing their job". It works, too.

If Usama Bin Hidin's intent was to tie the Great Satan up in knots and force him to surrender his so-called liberties all on his own, he's succeeded beyond his wildest dreams, with the Patriot Act and the so-called nonsensical Security regime.

Finally, we need a practical demonstration of American power and resolve. This enemy doesn't stand and fight, and so it is necessary to hunt him down, relentlessly, corner him, and then engage in great slaughter. This requires sustained efforts, and it's going to mean nasty pictures for the TV cameras that will make some of us squeamish. We'll just have to live with that.

Unfortunately, we have a political class that collectively has no spine, no guts, and no brains, and it's going to get people killed.