Monday, March 07, 2011

A Very Heartfelt Thank You...

This goes out to Mr. Chap and all the inmates over at the Insane Asylum, who have thoughtfully added me to their blogroll.

I don't know if this a professional courtesy or an expression of solidarity between the mentally deficient. If this is the former, than I say "thank you". If the latter, I'd say the rest of the country is in a shitload of trouble; it's an indication that the Mentally-Deranged-but-still-smarter-than-a-Congressman are banding together to set things aright.

Head on over there -- right this fucking second -- and give it a look-see. There's some awesome stuff being posted there, even if everyone does write in crayon.

Also, a great big thanks to everyone who stops by here for a little daily mental toilet paper. We've averaged over 2,000 visits a month for 4 straight months now, which is pretty tame by 'Great Blog' standards, yes, but far grander than anything I had ever envisioned for this word vomit when I first started it. This time last year, I was averaging just under 1,000 visits a month, so I must be doing something right. Please continue to tell your friends, relatives, pets and everyone you really, really dislike to stop on by and sit a spell.


Mr. Chap said...

Dude, you're awesome. I like you because you keep it so real. You're not afraid to speak your mind and I can't wait for the day we exchange posts. I share everything you write and when I crank my podcast back up, I'm gonna beg you to be a part of it until you say yes.

Keep doing what you're doing. I'm here with you.

Your ally,
Ed "Mr. Chap" Chapman

Matthew said...

Thanks, Mr. C. I'd love to do your podcast, provided you can supply a translator for my thick, Nu Yawk accent!

Oh, will I have to clean up my language for that? In these parts we use the f-word as anoun, verb, adjective and sometimes as punctuation. I think it's genetic...

Mr. Chap said...

lol! No cleaning up necessary.