Monday, March 07, 2011

Note to American Muslims...

RE: Representative Peter King's hearings on the causes of Jihadi Radicalization.

There is no 'witch hunt'. The fact of the matter is that the overwhelming majority of terrorist acts perpetrated in the world today are committed by Muslims. It is a fact that the majority of acts of terror committed in the world over the last 40+ years have been committed by Muslims, or have been financed, advocated, supported, or justified by Islamonazi regimes and Islamic religious authorities.

It is also a fact that the vast majority of terrorist attacks, attempted or successful, upon Americans have been perpetrated by Muslims operating in the United States or against American interests: The 9/11 attacks, the USS Cole incident, The Shoebomber, the Underwear Bomber, the Fort Dix conspiracy, the Berlin Shooter, the Time Square Bomber, the Fort Hood Massacre, the would-be Seattle Bomber, and the latest and greatest attempt by some Islamic loser to bomb nuclear power plants and assassinate George W. Bush in Texas. If we go back into the past, we can recall the Beirut Barracks Bombing, Robert Steatham, Leon Klinghoffer and the Achille Lauro, The Rome and Athens Airport Attacks, any number of Americans taken Hostage (in Beirut, In Tehran, by 'Pirates'), Pan Am 103, any number of hijackings of civilian airliners, Embassy Bombings, and on and on, and on.

Al'Qaeda and it's franchisees, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, The Iranian Theocracy, and the rest of the demented lot have all stated that one of their goals, a prerequisite to their overarching goal of instituting an Islamic Caliphate across the entire planet, is the destruction of the Western World, the United States and Israel. And that so far as they are concerned, those are all the same; a bombing in a London supermarket, or a rocket attack on a Tel Aviv kindergarten, is just as good and justified as an attack on The Pentagon or the White House.

The indiscriminate violence is not so indiscriminate, after all.

If you feel picked upon, Muslims, you should; it's your own kind that does these things and which brings this sort of scrutiny upon you. If you feel unfairly singled out, then that too is just too fucking bad; you know who these people are -- they are your sons, fathers, brothers and crazy uncles -- and you never seem to be able to come forward and either denounce their activities after they explode, or turn them into the authorities before they do. You excuse their insanity, you protect them, you help them either directly or tacitly with that silence or protection, and then you hide behind your dogshit religion to avoid responsibility for them.

If you feel as if you are being unfairly maligned, lumped in with a bunch of criminals and insane asylum escapees, then imagine how I feel; my own Sicilian heritage opens me up for all sorts of Mafia-references and associations where none exist, and many people I've met in my lifetime have had a bit of fun (or sometimes they're just stupid) at my expense by asking how many rub-outs I have to my credit, or asking if they can see my knife, or demanding to know just what sort of a person John Gotti really was, as if I have personal knowledge. If had personal knowledge of a murder-for-hire, a loan-sharking operation, truck hijacking, or Organized Crime scam, I'd be the first to call the FBI.

That's my responsibility as a citizen. Part of the price I pay to live in the greatest country ever created is that I have a responsibility to help keep it that way, even if it means turning in a relative or close friend. Even if it meant that I was branded a 'traitor' to my people, or left me open to the possibility of revenge. It is part of the implicit social contract of a united people.

Instead of complaining that you're being treated as pariahs and potential criminals, why don't you just do the right things; get out into the streets and protest against terrorism and Radical Islam? Why not turn in a potential terrorist in your community? Why not co-operate with local law enforcement to save lives? Why not stop sending money to 'charities' which are front organizations for terrorists? Or how about this: make a fucking effort to assimilate into American life and give up your Desert-Nomad-approved ways? I know the current political climate in the United States is that of enforced separation (because if people ever truly came together they'd realize they're pretty much in the same boat, and that would mean no democrat or libtard would ever be elected to office again), but why not make an effort to break free of that mold?

Oh,right. Because a work ethic isn't a part of your culture, and neither is the concept of personal responsibility.

As for Representative King:

I'm going to save you all the trouble of holding a bunch of hearings, and the American taxpayer a shitload of money, and explain to you just what makes a terrorist because ten years after 9/11 the fact that we have to hold this sort of hearing is indicative that no one in Washington has actually studied this phenomenon -- astounding when you stop to consider how much money, and how many lives, have been wasted in this Public-Relations-Campaign-With-Guns euphemistically called 'The War on Terror'. We have, perhaps, the only country in the world where the Podunk Police Department (4 members) has a Mobile Communications Center, on-call SWAT Team, access to Geiger Counters, Chemical Sniffers, Hazmat Suits, and a bewildering array of high-tech whiz-bangery at it's disposal to protect it's population of 300 from the Lottery-like remote possibility of an attack than most countries have to actually respond to one.

And in all that time, after all that money, no one has stopped to ask the simple questions: where do they grow these fucking lunatics? What makes them want to kill us?

The Lunatic's Guide To Creating A Home-Grown Radical Jihadi in Eight Easy Steps:

1. Take some loser douchebag from a culture that preaches that he's entitled to lord it over everyone who doesn't pray the same way he does, and then can't reconcile the absolute misery of the reality of his existence (i.e. poverty, endemic unemployment, casual violence, sexual repression, societal stratification, religious/political tyranny, malnutrition, successive generations of inbreeding, heinous system of 'justice', lack of education or sanitation, which puts social barriers in the path to happy marriage, all marinated in a cesspool of superstitions on everything ranging from the mystery of the menstrual cycle to the etiquette of bestiality) with his unquestioning belief in a Good and Just God and the inevitability of His ultimate triumph (a triumph in which the believer is commanded to exhaust his resources, energies and life, and to commit heinous atrocities against his enemies in the course of seeing it happen).

2. Stir in the frustration of every-day life in the Wastelands of the Middle East; of not being able to find work, get enough to eat, or to even get laid once in a while, with the media-driven images of life in the West which is slowly and steadily penetrating the Islamic protective bubble of stupidity, where the people Muslims see are reasonably well-off, well-fed, and fucking at the drop of a hat without having to pray five times a day. Or wipe their behinds with the same hand they eat with. All in an environment of safety and respect for the law. The thought begins to germinate: why don't I have a life like that?

3. Make it easy for said loser douchebag to 'escape' his self-inflicted cultural prison by extending him the opportunity to work or go to school in the West without preparing him for the realities of life here. The primary reality being that we don't care what backwards-livestock-shagging-bloodthirsty-afraid-of-the-vagina lifestyle you had back in the Old Country (and really, these aren't countries in the sense that we Westerners would understand them; the majority are little more than Tribes with Flags), you're now Stateside, and you're expected to behave differently.

You might have been permitted to rape your own sister back in Pakistan, kill your Wife or Children for the slightest insult -- real or imagined -- back in Somalia, but that shit just doesn't fly here, Mohammed!

4. Dump said unprepared loser douchebag into a politically-driven and self-esteem-oriented social system that practically guarantees (because he can't understand it) that he'll be even more-isolated, confused, lost, and hornier than he ever was back home. Ensure that while he may have been an electrical engineer back in Egypt, he's not going to find work as one in America because there's cabs that need driving, floors that need mopping, and those are the jobs that immigrants (usually illegal) traditionally do. Get in line, Bub! Make sure that while we crow about our ability to welcome everyone and to tolerate a wide range of belief systems and customs, that we also encourage him to be less than magnanimous in this regard himself, and then defend and excuse him when he isn't because we want his votes and have competing political motives for ensuring that the common culture is destroyed one societal foundation brick at a time.

5. Watch as unprepared loser douchebag who is actively encouraged to persist in his wrong-headed belief in his innate superiority as a 'Chosen Man of God' -- because it makes liberals feel all warm-and-fuzzy to think they've done him a favor and struck a blow for 'equality' and 'multi-culturalism' -- tries to exercise his God-given right to do whatever he goddamned pleases, to whomever he goddamned pleases, whenever he goddamned pleases, and finds himself frustrated because:

a. Whatever he wants to do repulses his neighbors,

b. Whoever he wants to do it to will not stand for it,

c. the Busty, Blond-haired, blue-eyed girls won't submit to his 'authority' as a man and a Muslim, decreed by God, and throw him one.

(As a piece of advice to Muslim Men: the busty blondes are not likely to bestow their favors upon you when you smell like the Port Authority Men's Room after a three-day-Cinco-De-Mayo weekend -- with just a hint of goat dung -- and you insist upon rolling them up in carpets, beating them, and demanding that they submit to your will in all things because "God said so").

6. Watch as unprepared, horny, sexually-frustrated, loser douchebag begins to nurse grievances (real and imagined) against an American society that wasn't exactly what was advertised -- on the one hand it stresses acceptance and the freedom of the individual, and on the other doesn't demand a responsibility on the part of the individual to extend that consideration to others -- which causes him to pine for his homeland and his native culture, and which creates the pyschological need to hear what he wants to hear --i.e. that he and his diseased culture are the greatest fucking things in Creation since the invention of the Blowjob -- and he finds his way into the only places he's liable to find that comfort; The MOSQUE, or just as bad, THE UNIVERSITY.

7. Feign shock and surprise as unprepared, horny, psychologically-needy, loser douchebag falls under the influence of a 'holy man' or demented ass-suck PhD who has three main motivations;

a. To continue the delusion of Muslims -- the most backwards, inbred and mentally-impoverished people on Planet Earth, who make the worst specimens of Appalachia look like Nobel Laureates, by comparison -- as the Chosen Inheritors of the Earth (hey, it beats working for a living),

b. Undermining the foundations of Western Culture in order to advance the cause of Islam (or Libtard-ism), from which he intends to profit (not Prophet), both economically and politically,

c. Finds amongst his flock (that's the men who come in to pray --not the harem of sheep he keeps on hand for his sexual gratification) those who are batshit-insane, frustrated, horny, stupid, confused and psychologically-damaged enough to be his willing tools; the footsoldiers who will help him advance the (lost) cause of Islam and destroy American Culture by carrying out activities that the Imam/Professor himself hasn't the physical courage to undertake.

8. Allow all of this to go on under circumstances where the response to Muslim antagonism is grovelling submission and tortured apologies made by the political class, where the Muslim is exempted from scrutiny because to question him or his activities would be 'insensitive' or 'racial profiling' (Islam is not a race, Assholes!), and where the culturally-suicidal 'requirements' of
political correctness and multiculturalism dictate that while he (the Muslim) may be a dumbass-sexually-repressed-insane-inbred-sandy-little-bandit/nomad-with-seriously-damaged-thought-processes-and-DNA it is OUR (the Normal People's) duty to accommodate HIM, while he is mystically absolved from having to do the same for us.

There, Mr. King. No muss, no fuss. From Sandflea-Scratching Peasant to Jihadi Douchebag in 8 easy steps.

We now know the 'HOW', the only question left for Mr. King and his Unbelievably-Stupid-Butthole-Buddies in the Congressional Clubhouse is "What do we do about it?"

Lucky I'm here to save you on that score, too, Congressdouche!

The Lunatic's Guide to Saving America from Radical Jihad

1. Stop Muslim immigration to the West.

2. Demand that Muslims here either play by our rules, or get the fuck out.

3. Physically deport those who refuse to play by our rules.

4. Instead of bringing democracy to the Middle East, how about we start killing terrorists and Muslims (sorry, that's redundant) in the millions, and teach them to stop fucking with us? They are incapable of democracy so long as Islam remains unreformed and the dominant force in daily life. Better to kill enough of them in the most terrible ways imaginable than to build new water systems, sewers, schools, roads, and a cellphone network for a bunch of people who will never be able to maintain them, and who will never thank us for them. Why build Presidential Palaces for the next generation of Saddam Husseins, who are now being protected by American guns and propped up by American cash, only with the purple-finger illusion of having been 'democratically-elected'?

5. 'Racial' profiling and common sense work; start using both so that we don't have to be felt up at the airport, or arrive three hours early for our two hour flight to comply with security measures that are two lies for the price of one.

6. Start holding our 'leaders', the President, the Congress, the State Department, the Police Forces, the Military, the Legal System, Academia, the Media, our Social and Religious Elite, responsible for the results of the policies that they advocate. The only real damage being done in this 'War on Terror' is that Americans have seen an even higher rate of erosion of their Civil Rights, and even greater restrictions on their rights to travel or speak their minds.

Muslims are responsible for Terrorism, therefore, Muslims should not be surprised that they garner unwanted scrutiny. Too fucking bad. I'm sick and tired of living in a world where your sensibilities count for more than mine, and my rights to speak up and demand action have to be taken away by government so that you may feel better about yourselves despite the blood on your hands.

Get with the program, Muslims; either assimilate, and join the rest of us in the 21st century, or stay in the stink of your own ignorance and protect a culture and a so-called religion which breeds suicidal murderers within your own families. You can't have it both ways -- you can't be both guilty and innocent.


Mr. Chap said...

You don't spare any feelings, do you?

When you get some spare time, check this out:

I'm a 9/11 conspiracy theorist and this helps to prove my points. If you don't believe in it just chalk it up to me being insane :)

Matthew said...

Mr. C, if there's anything I've learned after 20 years on Wall Street, and a decade in therapy, it's that if you try to spare someone's feelings in the course of making an important point you'll only be misunderstood and things will only get royally fucked up.

Speaking of feelings, here's a site which you might enjoy on the failings of modern psychotherapy and the whining,self-interested little children you'll usually find there.