Sunday, April 03, 2011

But...It's a Religion of Peace, that Respects Women's Rights!

Fourteen-year-old girl lashed to death in Bangladesh. For having been raped.

Fucking barbarians. The...Man...a married man and the victim's cousin, mind you -- a fucking rapist --of course, is only following The Prophet's sterling, pedophile example, and somehow manages to 'escape' (allowed to?) his punishment. And then, after a fatwa and 70 lashes are administered to a little girl, her death, incredibly, gets ruled a suicide.

What passes for a government in Bangladesh assures you that it has a solution to this onerous, time-honored tradition, of course;  a new law. I swear, but governments all over the world are stuffed to the brim with complete idiots who's only talent is for slamming barn doors shut long after the horse has shit and run away. Or for making empty gestures and uttering empty words.

"The government needs to enact a specific law to deal with such perpetrators responsible for extrajudicial penalty in the name of Islam," Kamal told CNN.

They'll never do so, naturally, because if such ever came to pass the inbred-retarded faithful of the Religion of Peace would start planting bombs, beheading folks and making general nuisances of themselves. Better that a14-year old rape victim should commit 'suicide' by having some dingleberry in a black robe reading out a of a sociopath's handbook whip her to death than to risk that. No, we'll just pass a law, that will never be enforced because that will only lead to terrorism, and pat ourselves on the back for being a 'civilized' and 'tolerant' people.

There's a reason why places like Bangladesh, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Morocco and Sudan are inhuman shitholes, you know:

It's because they are full of people who would kill a 14-year old rape/incest victim because their religion says they can...or should. I don't know why we spend blood, limbs, money and cry tears of frustration trying to 'help' these people make the great leap into the Modern World. They obviously don't want to behave like civilized human beings, and at the rates at which they're multiplying they're becoming a threat to decent societies everywhere.

Tell me again, Leftards, how it is that 'all cultures are valid and equal?' How is it again that Islam is a Religion of Peace that respects basic human rights? Every self-described feminist who refuses to speak up about the barbarous treatment of their sisters in Muslim countries is, objectively, responsible for this girl's death. Sorry, but the feminazis are unavailable to help 14-year old rape victims because they're too busy suing Wal-Mart in the Supreme Court, and trying to get Planned Parenthood's funding back right now. Besides, don't you know that the men over there will kill you for daring to question their paternalistic hegemony?

Priorities, and all that.

Feminists only speak out about injustices from the safety and comfort of societies where injustices are least likely to occur. And then they demand to be taken seriously. Otherwise, they withhold sex. Which is rich, because it is precisely because of their actions and ideology that sex without consequence or attachment has become akin to dogshit: it's everywhere, and you often have to make a deliberate effort to avoid stepping in it. Assholes.

Tell me: why is it that we're trying to keep Libyan Al'Qaeda alive in the name of preventing 'genocide', to bring 'democracy' to Iraq and Afghanistan, or bring 'international presure' to bear against Iran, again? To save diseased cultures that flog 14-year-old rape victims to death?

Sounds to me like we should be making an effort to kill them, or to let them go ahead and kill each other.

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Anonymous said...

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