Sunday, April 03, 2011

This is No Joke...

A few days ago, I told you about a man who stripped naked, defecated on his grilfriend's apartment door, and then set clothing, feces and said apartment door on fire in a dispute over a cell phone.

Well, here he is during his Perp Walk.

What do you do about someone who belongs to a self-invented street gang full of invisible people, talks to the spirits of dead rappers, strips naked, defecates when angry, calls himself 'The Devil" and has a flair for arson?

Well, if you're New York State, you let him run loose  to impregnate women and then terrorize them. In the two weeks before Rasheen 'Illuminati' Harrison went on a fecal frolic with fire, he was repeatedly dragged to a local mental hospital for unrelated inasnity...and released. Several times.

We had some fun at his expense the other day, but this isn't funny anymore. We don't pay any attention in this country to mental health issues. We care about Breast Cancer, Prostates, Hair Loss, and Flaccid Boners. Hell, weprobably spend more money each year on vaginal dryness then we do mental health issues. Unless, of course, you count those 'happy pills' your sadist-with-a-diploma-and-notepad hands out like candy because that's actually easier --and more lucrative -- than telling you the truth: you're a rotten, self-absorbed person, with stupid ideas and suspect thought processes who should just grow the fuck up, and stop whining, already.

There ain't no happy pill for Rasheen Harrison, okay? There isn't much hope that anything is ever going to cure his schizophrenia, which means we're talking about having to institutionalize this man for a very, very long time. He can, hopefully, get some kind of treatment (I'm not exactly sure what they can do for schizos, besides drug'em up), and society can be made marginally safer than it was before.

I just wonder why it is that we always have to wait until someone we know is insane -- who talks to his invisible posse, for the love of all that's holy! --undertakes an act of violence before we talk about helping them, and protecting us. Well, I know the answer to that dilemma: money. It's more important to buy votes with taxpayer money than it is to use tax payermoney to improve society, unless there's an opportunity for graft, and then politicians are all for it.

I also wonder just what sort of winner this girlfriend of his must be, if she's having his child? Personally, I'd have a case worker on that kid from the second he's born until the day he talkes the dirt nap. Didn't she see Seed of Chucky?

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