Sunday, April 03, 2011

I'll Bet They Saved a Polar Bear,Though...

French Vegans on trial; Child fed only on breast milk dies of malnutrition.

Some people are just too stupid to be parents. Then again, some people are just too stupid to be government officials. I submit:

"While anxious not to call into question the couple's lifestyle, Anne-Laure Sandretto, the deputy prosecutor, admitted: "The problem with a vitamin B12 deficiency could be linked to the mother's eating habits."

Right, because we should never question or investigate 'lifestyles' that lead to dead infants. That would be, like, all, oppressive, and junk. That vegan lifestyle choice and a dead baby are, like, totally unconnected.

Of course, we also shouldn't call into question the state of mind of two people who seem obsessed with cabbage and clay, even going as far as to use both as medicine, because then we might have to label them as stark, raving lunatics, and have to take their children away and perhaps lock them up in a place with rubber sheets...on the walls. That might ruin their self-esteem,and cost money that could be better spent on making certain the elderly, or prison inmates, have free Viagra and government maid service.

And this is the country that led President Odingbat into a kinetic-military-action-of-choice in Libya?

Here's why I don't understand the legal system, even though this is France you would assume the systems are somewhat similar to ours in the basics:

"Patrick Quenel, lawyer for the father, whose business has gone into liquidation, said the couple were "completely aware of the mistakes they made".

Isn't that tantamount to a confession? A recognition of responsibility or rather, irresponsibility? If so, then why is there a trial which appears as if it's entering it's third year? Oh, and nice touch with that 'business in liquidation' bullshit, councillor -- like that's going to gin up any sympathy when the jury gets shown photos of a malnourished, dead baby?

Some people shouldn't be allowed to be parents. Perhaps one day we'll develop some sort of test administered at at birth that warns us about just who the irresponsible, the stupid, the cruel, the monstrous and the insane are, and then we can spay or neuter 'em before they breed. One can only hope.

OMG,I just sounded like a Progressive Libtard there for a second! That was, in fact, the driving force behind abortion-on-demand and the Lynchburg Experiments!

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