Sunday, April 03, 2011

I'm a State Assemblyman...and an Idiot...

Pine to be named Official Scent of New York?

I am officially beyond embarrassed now. If it wasn't bad enough to have to live in a state with the worst Congressional representation in all of America, it's especially mortifying to discover that your State and Local officials are, to be polite about it, dumber than dogshit, and wasting the public's time and money sponsoring ridiculous legislation which will have absolutely no impact upon people's lives, and which, somehow, someway, some future legislator will build and embellish upon, until it becomes a monstrosity that eats up tax dollars and destroys liberties.

Don't think I'm just engaging in unhinged hyperbole, either. This is New York, and even a 'Official Scent' law is probably intended to be used as a weapon against the people by our political overlords at some later date. Don't be surprised if five years from now Lemon-scented car air fresheners are outlawed, or anything-Lavender has a heavy tax placed upon it, because Pine is supposed to be the 'Official Scent', mostly because the Pine Scent Industry (is there one?) paid for the Law as a means of eliminating its competition.

Yes, our politicians ARE that stupid and malicious. And greedy.

I didn't vote for Assemblyman Titone -- because he's a democrat, which likely makes him a liar and a thief, and a dope as well, in my book -- but along with Congressman Weiner, he's probably one of the more aptly named politicians in America, today. I most certainly will never consider voting for him in future elections, especially if there were a more-qualified Irish Setter or brain-damaged Parakeet running against him, either of whom would probably be an infinitely better choice. Either would also have a much better work ethic and display far greater intelligence.

UPDATE: Naturally, a stupid legislative idea has spawned a Facebook page.

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