Sunday, April 03, 2011

Where Were These Women When I Was 13?

20-Year-Old Staten Island Woman arrested for Sex with 13 year-old boy.

You'll be happy to know that she was employed as a Day Care worker, and attended one of the finest Catholic School on the island, and was something of a local celebrity as a high-school basektball player.

This is so wrong on so many levels that I don't know where to begin.


Anonymous said...

Where were these women when you were 13?

Two of their like-minded sisters lived on the next street over from me... when I was 13.

They gave me a "hand" in the growing up process... and if I was to say that they sucked... I'd be telling the truth.

No home-runs though. I guess that they were more ethical and moral.

Matthew said...

Maybe they were just less-experienced?

Regardless, this phenomenon of older (but immature and psychologically damaged) 'women' preying upon younger boys is pretty disgusting, and probably has it's roots in some sort of 'power' arrangement in a relationship.

Men got to Titty Bars,and Women molest Teenaged Boys. Yep,all about power.

Anonymous said...

You make a good point. No arguement. These women hold no sway over males in their own age bracket... or above their age bracket. The ones highlighted in the article and video are skanks.

But apparently even skanks serve some purpose on the planet.

But being one to never point the finger of blame at anyone else but myself for my actions and descisions, (since having reached double digit age)... I can honestly say that I, in my case, was doing the coercing... and then a very willing participant when the coersion was aquiesced to.

But I agree that some of this shit is getting way out of hand... and that we're probably seeing only the tip of the iceberg.

13 year old boys don't complain about the "interaction"... but they brag about it... and that's how they usually get caught... setting moms off in a "Oh my God! My little baby boy!" tizzy.

Meanwhile baby boy is saying to himself... "I should have kept my fucking mouth shut. I fucked it all up for myself."

13 year old girls of course, never, never, think like that.

Anyway... keep ranting, and thanks for responding.

Matthew said...

Hey, 13-year old girls are another subject, entirely! Men who prey upon young girls like that are even more disgusting than these I-like-little-boy scifoozas.

Maybe that's just because I still harbor some caveman-like idea that little girls, even if they do dress like whores and wear push-up bras, are forbidden territory for any man.

Let 'em grow up, first! Sheesh!

Not that I'm saying you would do that sort of thing, BC. Heaven forbid!

Anonymous said...

Hey. If a pre-pubescent child-bride was apropriate enough for Mohammad... and 1.5 billion people believe that he can't be wrong... maybe we should rethink Sharia!