Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Guess Who's Running for President in 2012? Part III...

Will this woman never go away?

I wonder how she'll finesse this whole Libya thing, what with her fingerprints being all over it. Then again, Her Husband finessed the whole perjury and obstruction of justice thing with Monica's fingerprints all over his Thing, so who knows? Perhaps being the professional slippery eel is the Family Business?

Hillary Clinton is yet one more shining example of how stupid -- or how disinterested -- the American Voting Public can be. People actually believed her when she said she couldn't produce her Rose Law Firm billing records, only to let the fact that they had been in a cardboard box on the White House dining room table all along, slip by without remark or outrage. They believed her whole 'Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy' nonsense.  Some even bought the crocodile tears in the 2008 election, knowing full well that Hillary was crying not because she had been treated unfairly, but because she was losing that which she had so adamantly believed was her birthright.

Despite the fact that she's as crooked as her husband's always-on-duty Pelvis Bazooka (allegedly), she managed to convince enough of the dingbats in New York state to vote her into the Senate, and they bought the whole "I'm a life-long Yankees fan' routine. Then again, most of the people who did buy that line of crap were either dependent upon Welfare, or brain-damaged libtards, so maybe that's not so surprising.

Hell, they even bought the whole 'Vince Foster committed suicide -- by shooting himself with a .38 that miraculously fires .22's, hiding the gun, and then transporting his own corpse to a Public Park' -- routine. You tell me: are people stupid or uninterested?

A vote for Hillary is simply a vote for Bill Clinton's Third Term.

Granted, in hindsight, we can now safely say that Hillary Clinton winning the Presidency in 2008 was, at the very least, the lesser of three evils -- perhaps even the Best Case Scenario given what we know now -- but not in 2012. Not in 2016. Not ever. It's time Mrs. Clinton left the stage.

She's starting to remind me of a case of herpes: you don't necessarily know where it came from, but you're pretty sure that you're never going to be rid of it.

In other Presidential News, it appears that King Barry I has, officially, thrown his crown into the race. Oh, sorry -- can't say 'race' in re: Obama. I mean, into the competition. What else was he supposed to do? Just quit? That would have been an admission of failure, and if there's one thing we know about His Heinous it's that failure is, indeed, the loneliest orphan in all the world, so far as he's concerned. Everyone else fails, but never Him. When Obama fails it's not because he advocated a bad idea, or chose the wrong policy or priority, it's because he didn't communicate his vision to the village idiots well enough.

Because we're just too stupid to understand his unparalleled brilliance.

That's why the man spent the first 15 months of his Presidency pushing a Health Care law that couldn't even be explained, and which has more landmines buried in it than the Eastern Front. Nancy Pelosi was right "We have to pass the bill to find out what's in it", but the more we learn the more we realize just why there was a 'communication gap': it's an absolute piece of crap which is an assault upon American Liberties and Pocketbooks, which was intended to pass ownership of your body to the government and push the private health care and insurance industries right out of business, while enriching the lawyers.

Obama still hasn't figured out how to explain why, if this ObamaCare thing is such a wonderful policy, 1,000 waivers (granted on the grounds of political necessity) have been issued.

Now you think about this: if you're still in the dark about what ObamaCare is supposed to accomplish, how it will be accomplished, how much it will cost, and what it means to you, the Citizen -- 27 months after the entire thing started --  is that just a minor communication issue that will be fixed by several dozen more Presidential Speeches -- with Smaller Words -- or is it an indication that something just plain smells on ice?

That's why we were treated to three years of  George Bush did this-that-and-the-other, except that Bush was (mostly) right, and when The Won adapted wholesale all the Bush policies on War and Terrorism, there was no admission of having been wrong to criticize them in the first place.

(Ed. Note: There is PLENTY to criticize GWB about, believe me, but the War on Terror was not one of them, at least in theory. Where Bush failed was in believing that the Muslim World could be reconciled, democratized and civilized instead of doing what he should have done starting September 12, 2001: kill as many of the bastards in the most hideous ways as he possibly could, caught Usama Bin Hidin', and then left a permanent scar on the collective psyche of the Muslims for centuries to come).

I don't know what, exactly, he's going to run on. I mean, you'd be hard-pressed to find an actual achievement. ObamaCare won't even be in effect come re-election time, and it might not even be in existence as even a distant memory by then, either, if the GOP manages to defund it.. Despite a rising stock market -- and by the way, I'm not so excited about a DOW 12,000, because I happen to know that 12,000 number is no closer to the truth of the real value of goods and services as Obama's pledge to Lower the Rising Seas was (more on this some other time) -- unemployment is still hovering around 10%, and in terms of underemployment, or people who have just given up looking for work, it's probably closer to 20%.

Obama practices the worst sort of crony capitalism -- something that Bush/Cheney were continually  accused of -- and doesn't even try to hide it. When Key Lay called the  White House, he was told to go fly a kite. When Jeff Immelt calls the White House, they call him 'Sir' and offer oral sex. The 'Green Energy Jobs' nonsense is a gigantic boondoggle that simply transferred public money to private investors who will never produce a viable product that the public wants. Ditto for Stimulus: it simply enabled politically-favored businesses and organizations to fatten up while the slop trough could still be filled.

But there were all those great photo-ops. Obama emerging from the surf. Obama playing golf. Obama receiving a Nobel Peace Prize for Being Black. Obama visiting the few unsoiled parts of the Gulf Coast before continuing his interminable summer vacation and filing a lawsuit against BP. I guess those sorts of images will sway some voters (i.e. those who still believe that Obama would pay their bills and fill their gas tanks, the rubes), but where the rubber meets the road, the Great Presidential Candidate Slayer question "Are you better off now than you were four years ago?" will be asked, and Obama will have no answer for it, and his machinations in appearing to be answering it will be an all-too-obvious dog-and-pony show.

Of course, not all is hunky-fucking-dory on the other side of the isle, either.

The two men who could solve a good many of the most pressing national problems -- Newt Gingrich (are you running or what?) and Mitt Romney -- will have a hard time getting past the God, Guns, and Gays wing of the Republitard Party in most primaries. Gingrich changes wives and concubines more often than most men change their underwear, and Romney -- as if being a Mormon wasn't already the kiss of death in the South -- has the added, self-inflicted millstone of advocating and implementing a Socialized Medical system hanging around his neck.

Then there's the Tea Party faves, the ever-more-polished-but-ever-less-believable Sarah Palin, and the Thousand Yard Stare of Michelle Bachmann, to contend with. Both are lovely, intelligent ladies who do speak for a sizable segment of the populace, but neither has the oomph necessary to  actually win. They'll most likely play the role of spoiler in the same way that Ross Perot did for GHWB.

Then there's the Rockstar candidate, Donald Trump,a pop-culture icon who can appeal to the broad spectrum of doofuses who swallowed Obama, Clinton, and McCain as capable people. He has three advantages on his side: he's rich enough that he can't be bribed or bought, he's a successful businessman, and he's not a professional politician. These are actually qualities the people want in their leaders, these days.You dismiss him at your own peril.

Let's also not forget that the GOP also has it's own Plain Vanilla Wing of single-issue (anti-Deficit) voters who have vomited up a slew of unproven and unappealing names, Marco Rubio and Tim Pawlenty, being at the very top of the list, and of course, the new perennial Libertarian favorites -- anyone with the surname of ''Paul'.

If you're a GOP prospect your biggest fear is that the 'Establishment' GOP, represented by such stellar personalities as John Beohner and Mitch McConnell, will torpedo and cripple your candidacy before you even leave the gate, what with their blinkered belief that Modern Politics is still about the Art of Compromise and Appearing Reasonable.

It used to be an ironclad rule of electoral politics in America that one had to secure 'The Base' in order to win the Presidency, but it's getting harder and harder to identify just what each party's 'Base' is, these days. (By the way, doesn't 'Al'Qaeda', translated, mean 'The Base'?). Obama is getting pounded from the Left, while stalwart GOP'ers are pounded from the Right and Center. I don't think there's any more 'Base' left, on either side, to nail down.

Whoever wins in 2012 will be the person who succeeds in managing the Center, while keeping just enough of the near-to-center elements of his party in line to scrape out a close electoral win. We'll see if I'm right in the next two years, but the ride is going to be a very bumpy one, indeed.

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