Monday, May 09, 2011

Blogging Has Been Light, Lately...

...and I apologize for that, but in my defense, I have been extraordinarily busy these last two weeks.

Besides the demands of Real Life-- which require me to try and find a real job, again, and real soon -- I have been busy trying to get some freelance pieces published and keeping the side up over at the Insane Asylum while Mr. Chap suffers through the internet-deprived aftermath of a torrent of tornados.

By the way, you should pop on over to the Insane Asylum and not only see what I've posted there, but you should make an effort to keep Mr. Chap's traffic up during this trying time. We here at the Asylum (Myself, Lefty the Finance Elf, Swifty the Editorial Elf, Tony Guns the Discipline Elf, and Butch, the Elfin Ombudsman) wish him luck. He's one of the Good Guys.

The nose will, indeed, be back to the grindstone in the coming days.

Incidentally, I would like to welcome my new followers who have joined this blog in recent days; I appreciate it greatly that this mental dribble spread upon the electronic page is beginning to gain converts to my diseased way of thinking. I'd also like to thank those readers who have pushed this blog into the 3,200- views-a-month Club. By the standards of the Great Blogs this is not an earthshaking achievement, but it's far more visits than I ever envisioned when it started as the journal of a diseased mind. Welcome, and I hope you like what you're reading here!

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