Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Check Out My Crap...

...over at the Insane Asylum, where I'm still guest-blogging.

Today's fare includes:

A sordid tale of a Mother-and-Daughter Sexual Abuse Team, and A Naked Subway Maniac. It's all an extravaganza for the eyes and brain, I say.

As long as I'm at it: I'm available for guest blogging at your site, upon request, and I also do children's parties and all-night smokers. This sort of stupidity needs more outlets, if you ask me. I work cheap, too. In return for the opportunity to smear my mental feces across your webpage, you can get a cross-link here at the Lunatic's Asylum and have the deep-down, warm-and-mushy feeling of knowing that you've provided your readers with only the very finest commentary from a certified nutjob.

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