Saturday, May 14, 2011

Of Synagogues and Hand Grenades...

RE: The NYPD stopping a string of Synagogue Attacks in New York City.

This is in my own backyard. I'm sooooo pleased to see that the at the FBI was uninterested in investigating, but that's okay: we have the NYPD and they do a better job with these things than the Feds do, and they don't have to fondle your junk or get written permission from Eric Holder to wipe their asses when they need to. Naturally, Holder's, and his cohort Janet Napolitano's, preoccupation, because both are unqualified fucktards lacking the same brains one would typically find in a retarded German Shepherd, is in prosecuting FBI, CIA and other Law Enforcement types who go out and look for terrorists before they do any harm.

In this Age of the Bizarro Presidency, when one day we're executing Bin Laden and the next dragging the people who made it happen before the courts, we're supposed to wait until someone gets killed before taking action....unless taking action gives President Frequent-Flyer-Miles a bump in the polls.

We've had some issues here, post-9/11, in recent years with the Koran-and-Exploding-Underwear crowd, and mostly these revolve around the citizens of this city (i.e. The mostly-Civilized People) taking exception to the Exploding Scumbag's repeated attempts to build Victory monuments (they call them 'Mosques' and 'Islamic Community Centers') in neighborhoods that have suffered great loss on 9/11, or within buildings/upon the grounds of properties that used to belong to the Archdiocese of New York. After all, this is what Islam does; it rubs it's enemy's noses in their defeats, to wit:

* Conquer Jerusalem (have other people under threat of death), build the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount so that the Jews not only know they've been defeated, but that the conquerors consider their God, their Holy Sites and their Culture to have been wholly erased in the bargain.

* When the Turks overran Constantinople they turned the Hagia Sophia, one the greatest churches in Christendom and an architectural marvel, into a mosque, symbolizing both the defeat of Christians and the utter humiliation of their God and Culture. It has now been relegated to the role of Islamic museum.

* When the Moors occupied Spain, they built (and by that, I mean they forced the Jews and Christians to build it for them, because Islam doesn't create anything) the Alhambra (The Red Fortress) in the city of Granada, both as symbol of the defeat of Christian Spain and to intimidate the locals. It's purpose was to make clear that what once was would never be again.

* Knock down the World Trade Center, (have the Infidels) build a Mosque a few hundred yards from the site, make sure it's done with Federal Funds, so that the infidel is not only reminded -- daily -- of his humiliation, but forced to pay for your Victory Monument, on top of it.

Islam doesn't build anything; it relies upon other, smarter, more skilled people to expend their smarts, capital, labor and expertise to do it for them. After all, this is a people who can't seem to get a black, oozy liquid which naturally percolates upwards out of the sand without great efforts from Western technicians and investors. When it isn't getting it's enemies to build them shit, and pay for the privilege, too, it's doing it's level best to destroy it's enemies' cultural and religious heritages; a Coptic church burned here, a synagogue dynamited there, a pair of 110-story office towers devastated wherever they might be found.

This destructive impulse permeates the Muslim religion, which like Communism, cannot abide the existence of any alternative system. Israel must be wiped off the map because, even more than the competing religious system it represents, it is an example of a different way of life -- one that is far more egalitarian, successful, fair, dynamic, wealthier and progressive, and one in which, if they were truly allowed to, Muslims would flock with indecent haste towards, leaving the Imams and Ayotollahs standing there with their thumbs up their asses.

This destructive impulse only gets worse in the aftermath of some great Islamic calamity or 'insult' because when the likes of a Bin Laden is finally brought to justice, it isn't the simple (and logical) matter of an arch- criminal getting his just deserts -- it's a cultural and religious affront that needs to be avenged in any way possible, by any means necessary. God demands revenge, the culture requires blood in order to salve it's shattered ego.

To a Muslim, defeat does not occur because of bad planning, poor morale, a shortage of brains or bullets, but is instead the natural consequence of a lack of faith. God permitted your failure because you were not sufficiently pious. The response, as it has always been throughout their history, is not to get smarter, it's to get more faithful (i.e. More 'Fundamentalist'), each new iteration of the 'reformed' faith becoming ever more extreme -- and ever more violent.

Which leads us to two doofuses attempting to attack a bunch of synagogues in Manhattan. As for one of the asshole's 'excuse' that he turned to terrorism because he's sick of seeing Muslims "treated like dogs: perhaps if he and his fellow Muslims could arrest their murderous impulses and get used to the fact that there are billions who don't buy their load of bullshit dressed up as a religion, they might find that people are willing to tolerate their special brand of retardation, and leave them all alone to stew in their inbred stupidity. It's also telling that when it comes to Islamic Destruction the tools it uses are products of the active imagination and dynamic culture of it's enemies: airliners, flight schools, international airports, chemical explosives, firearms, box cutters, hand grenades, credit cards, cell phones, the Internet, mass media, and most of these 'Lone Wolves' don't even realize that since they cannot obtain these from 'safe' (or indigenous) Islamic sources, it must go to Westerners (or agents, thereof) which usually puts them smack-dab in the center of a police investigation -- and under arrest.

All Islam is able to provide in it's 'struggle' against the West -- and reality -- is a steady stream of sexually-frustrated losers who want to die. It's not surprising at all that when the CIA started going through Bin Laden's 'treasure trove' they found enough porn to keep the enitre Middle East doing the Old Knuckle Shuffle on the Pelvis Bazooka for the next two centuries.

I fail to see why it is that we're so afraid of these people, and so momumentally frightened of offending their sensibilities; they're cowards who attack those who are unable to fight back, trying always to catch their victims at unawares, picking targets that are deliberately soft so as to instill fear. People like this are incapable of achieving 'Victory' in the sense that Westerners would understand the term, because their 'victories' are those of the small-minded, vindictive and vicious, and detached from any sense of the strategic. They kill indiscriminately in the name of immediate goals, most of which have nothing to do with improving their ultimate lot in life, none of which drags their culture out of the 7th Century sewer in which it festers, and for reasons that border on the psychotic. They talk 'Peace' but do nothing but make enemies. They bluster about their cultural superiority, but have to buy (inert) hand grenades from undercover cops.

Conversely, we will not achieve a Victory until we -- and by that I mean the political leadership, and so-called intelligencia of the West -- finally come to the proper conclusion about our foes that any 5th grader is capable of reaching; these are seriously sick, seriously deluded, seriously frustrated scumbags who cannot be acommodated, bargained with, or dealt with by diplomacy. They have to be jailed, and better still, killed, in great numbers in the holes where they live.

Maybe, when enough of them have died in horrible ways, they'll get the same message the Japanese, Nazis, and Carthaginians got: we will not tolerate your bullshit, and we're quite capable of removing you from the stream of history. Whether this encourages the greater mass of theMuslim world to get with the program of the 21st century is open to conjecture, but it is an historical fact that cultures usually do not change unless they've had some irreversible and unmistakable defeat laid on them.

"Peace", to the Islamonazi, means they get to Lord over us all, that we are enslaved, and everything we do, own, make, think, or aspire to, is somehow subordinated to the perceived will of their phoney-baloney God, as they understand the words of a deranged, 7th-Century, child-molesting nomad. For all my Libtard friends out there who want to talk about tolerance and multiculturalism, I say this: if the Islamonazis have their way, there will only be a Monocultural Society in which Islam holds sway. Tolerance will mean that your Islamic overlords will tolerate your continued breathing, so long as you toil for his benefit, and according to his will. There will be no Civil Rights, there will be no Progress, there will be no Freedoms extended to anyone, except Muslims, who will have the Freedopm to Rape, Pillage and Murder, so long as they do it to The Other.

This is already their credo. They can't be bought off, or negotiated with. That's why we have to WIN and they have to LOSE in a way that makes it impossible for them to miss the facts of their defeat.

Those who cry the loudest for accomodation with Islam will merely be the first victims, or at least the most-compliant slaves. In the meantime, all your posturing for 'Peace' will avail you nothing because there's millions of these little mental defectives running around looking to inflict whatever petty nastiness they can and you're the easiest victims to bag. It's how they get to Heaven, after all.

Good going, NYPD. People like this need to be found and brought to justice before their festering stupidity gets any more of us killed. For those of you who believe that the War on terror ended with the death of UBL, guess again; he was just the figurehead. The footsoldiers are still on the march.

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