Monday, May 16, 2011

But...It's a Religion of' Stuff...

Mika said so on Morning Joe!

Two Florida Imams arrested, linked to Pakistani Taliban. And it's a family affair, no less.

On the other hand, I'm not so sure we should be afraid of these people, who are driven by a culture of inadequacy that somes from having very small penises and room-temperature IQ's (H/T Five Feet of Fury).

This is all you need to know about jihadis:

Navy SEALS liberate copious Bin Laden Porn Stash.

I just loved this part:

"Details of the porn collection were scant.It was not clear what kind of porn was found, where in Bin Laden's hideout it was discovered, who had been viewing it, or how it was acquired. The randy recluse had been living inside the secret compound with three of his wives.

Officials noted that it's common to find porn during raids on Islamic militants."

I guess his new name is Osama Bin Yankin'?

I can pretty much guess at what was in that stash. Judging from the traffic to this very website from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, amongst other locales -- the most popular search terms tend to be:

Donkey Sex (with spelling variants intended to spoof the Islamic Internet Censors, such as 'donkeyesex', 'donkeysexe', 'dnkysex', and 'Pakistan Donkey Sexe').

Islam Buttsex (varients: 'Muslim Buttsex', 'Islam buttseks')

Caught Jerking Off  (variants: 'Jihadi Jerking', 'Jihadis Jerking')

Muslim/Islam Golden Shower

You'll also find a wide variety of Muslim men who apparently enjoy rape video, kiddie porn, bestiality, and who seem to have an infatuation with firemen. I don't know if this is Muslims doing research on how firemen operate (potentially useful when plannning a terror attack), or on how FIREMEN OPERATE, if you catch my drift?

And that's been pretty much every week for the last year, incidentally.

It turns out that Bin Laden was a pothead, too. That figures; the world's most dangerous man was a sexually-frustrated slacker with three wives and a few gallons of herbal Viagra. I think it was Orwell (or maybe he was just repeating an observation made by someone else) who once said that violence, especially political and religious violence, was usually a result of the sex drive gone sour. Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Imperial Japan, were all puritanical nations that had managed to subordinate the sex drive to a program of war and national aggrandizement.

No one does sexual repression better than Islam, so I guess it follows that the Jihadis seem to be the most violent and unhinged people in all of Creation.

Update: Muslims, apparently, would masturbate all day long, if they could.

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